In Belgium: Fashion, Comedy & Confinement


Ava Strowell looks at how Belgian comedy is helping us through the confinement with Belge T’es Fou.

Who would have thought clothes, current affairs and comedy went well together? Well a group of four friends has proven that these topics make a fantastic cocktail. In the midst of a pandemic these friends have confirmed laughter is one of the best medicines. David Jeanmotte, his partner Guy, Anthony Maggio and Valérie Cornelis originally decided to discuss the public announcement made by the Belgian Prime Minister, Sophie Wilmès on the 24th of April. However, one thing led to another and the chat diverted to some of the more ludicrous guidelines imposed which then catalysed the creation of a 100% Belgian clothes brand: Belge t’es fou.

The idea behind the brand is to use the surreal phrases or topics which were mentioned in the press release to create comical clothes and accessories. The group’s first item of clothing is a canvas bag with Belgium’s new cult phrase “J’peux pas me confiner, j’ai kayak” (translated into “I can’t confine myself, I have kayaking”), other items make jokes about the haberdasheries or missing toilet paper. The project encompasses Belgian’s self-deprecating humour, a wonderful project which has already gained a huge audience and is continuing to develop new products such as t-shirts, caps and masks.

The aim is to make Belgians laugh, and although the project focuses on the government’s speech David Jeanmotte confirms the brand does not want to criticise our leaders, on the contrary, the teams wants to promote humour and solidarity during the confinement. But the real aim is much more special. The creators have decided that for each item you buy, 1 euro will be given to the Restos du Rire, an organisation of humorists who work together to raise money for the Restos du Coeur charity food project. The project raises awareness for the more vulnerable communities in Belgium and demonstrates the importance of camaraderie during this unprecedented period.

To find out more go to their Facebook page Belge t’es fou to discover the new products which I guarantee you will fall for. Make sure you hurry up before they run out of stock!

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