Interior Design: iide international design exhibition 2019


We look at the upcoming International Interior Design Exhibition (iide).

The ‘International Design Exhibition’ was born in London in 1982. The brainchild of Fleur Rossdale, her iconic design exhibitions propelled interior design into orbit over two decades. Together with the publication of The World of Interiors, the era produced an insatiable hunger for interior design in the United Kingdom and a new clientele clambering at the doors of professional designers. The influence of her shows continued, attracting 30,000 visitors to each exhibition with a marked knock-on effect on real estate.

Since these early days when fairs were few and far between, Fleur has watched the growth of international design exhibitions, often filling vast exhibition halls to overwhelming effect. Recognizing that the cultural city of Brussels enjoys many remarkable fine-art fairs with a public interested to learn more about interior design, Fleur re-launched iide last November at Hôtel de la Poste. With domestic settings, iide met with immediate success and enthusiasm from both professional and private visitors. The purpose-built rooms designed around fine art re-established the intimate quality of her high-level niche exhibitions with the illusion of entering a real home.

This September, Salon iide will open its doors to complete rooms on the first and second floors at Hôtel de la Poste as Salon iide. Nestling in the Tour & Taxi complex, the wonderfully proportioned restored rooms will be seen for the first time in 40 years. Following the exhibition, the designer rooms will be used for private dining, incremental to the spirit of Salon iide, continuing to provide a very special and intimate experience.

With everything for sale and to order, Salon iide showcases international interior designers in fully decorated haute couture rooms, bringing together their chosen suppliers, skilled artisans, artists and art galleries in one unique composition. Visitors will meet the designers, can order fabrics and furniture, make an appointment for their particular project or simply enjoy the design experience.

INTERIOR DESIGN Salon iide will bring a leading fabric house to the exhibition to work with an outstanding designer each year, creating a room around their product as a work of art to live in. This year, Diego Fortunato is designing Le Salon Dedar.

Last year, iide welcomed more than 5,000 visitors during their first edition in Brussels, attracting 30% design professionals and 70% high net worth clients. Adjacent to Salon iide, the Mood + Indigo Trade Fair at Tour & Taxis, where with joint tickets available, visitors will see the full process from pattern design at Mood to fully designed rooms.

Salon iide are delighted to welcome the following designers as participants to date: Diego Fortunato for Dedar (Italy), Gerald Watelet (Belgium), Gilles de Meulemeester (Belgium), Benedetti Interieur with KB- Evolution 21 (Belgium), L Decoration International (Belgium), Guimar Urbina Interiors (USA/Venezuela), Maria Westerberg (Sweden) & IDH by Fleur Rossdale (UK).

With interior designers working with craftsmen and suppliers to achieve a successful interior composition, at Salon iide we see artisan talent coming into its own under the guidance of a visionary interior designer, a synergy demonstrated at the height of design integrity. 10-15 September 2019, Hôtel de la Poste, Tour & Taxis,