International Design: Never stop living kindness


Camilla Lunelli
“Kindness cannot be taught. It thrives on listening, respect and a welcoming spirit.”

Listening, respect and a welcoming spirit are the key words of Camilla Lunelli, communications director for the Ferrari wineries, which inspired the plan of her open-air villa, entirely furnished by LAGO.

Camilla Lunelli’s home is a visually boundless space for spending quality time with family, far from the frenetic pace of the city, a home where the airy furnishings float, letting in the picturesque surrounding landscape, with its distinctive colours and sounds. It is an ideal retreat, with an interior that picks up the nuances of the natural setting, which change with the seasons, in its colours and materials, reflecting the natural light.

In the living room, the unpretentiousness of simply spending time together is accompanied by a full-height view of nature, with the shelving, suspended on transparent glass supports, serving as a point of encounter that lets the outdoors in without creating obstacles. Comfortably seated on the Air Wildwood sofa, which lends elegance and an essential air to the room, one gets the feeling of relaxing suspended in nature, which is powerfully evoked by its old wood. On the wall, the 36e8 composition creates a play of solids and voids and hosts the television as well as, tucked away in its containers, the books and belongings of Camilla and her family. The fine workmanship of the doors of the wall unit combines the craft of century-old wood with the technological innovation of the aluminium profile, which makes it possible to diversify the colour.

The large windows let the surrounding landscape enter the room in the kitchen as well, which was designed for socialising even while food is being prepared: the round island format has integrated burners so it can also be used as a table, welcoming both cook and diners, all while immersed in the pristine nature of the surrounding forest. The space is enriched and opened up to new energies by the Madeterraneo Air tables, with hand-painted ceramic that adds extra personality to the space.