International schools: St. John’s adds a boarding option

International schools

St. John’s has been serving the expat community around Brussels for more than 50 years. An international boarding unit is being created for 30 students for students aged 15 years and older, from both within and outside of Belgium. There will be the possibility of both a seven-day or five-day boarding agreement.

With the number of families where both parents work significantly higher than in the past, boarding offers families the opportunity to have the child at home on weekends, but well cared for during the week. Boarding life encourages collaboration, communication, compromise and camaraderie and offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities. To support the holistic development, students have access to educational, cultural and sporting activities seven days a week while experienced staff are available to create an extended family atmosphere.

St. John’s is one of very few English-speaking boarding schools in Belgium and the only one that has the International Baccalaureate programmes throughout the school: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP).

St. John’s is part of the Inspired group of schools, a network of 34 schools on four continents. To make an appointment for a tour of the school, please contact For more information, visit

“Our students work for the common good, serve the community, care for the environment, and have a global perspective.”

Providing educational instruction in a caring atmosphere, St. John’s:

● Fosters a sense of personal worth in each student
● Creates a caring community which is supportive of the best family values
● Provides a safe and secure environment for the physical and moral well-being of all its students
● Heightens the ecological awareness of students and their sense of responsibility towards world conservation