Intuitive Healing: Discover the sensual Chakra Walk


Intuitive Healing expert Katarina Winslow reflects on our seven chakras.

Let us take one big step for humanity by moving up our energy centres, our chakras, one step at a time. While doing so, let us ponder the psychological components that threaten our health and wellbeing. Let us answer the questions that assure our survival as human beings. Let us explore the intended path of life and living. While going on this inner journey, let the magical energies inside of you guide each step you take.

Be open to answering the questions you have not yet asked and question the answers you have already made law. Be an adventurer in your inner landscape as you follow me on this journey up the chakra ladder. While ascending, know that we all have these energetic centres in our bodies, vibrating with life.  

The light energies inside ask us to be the masters of our own lives, to walk our own individual paths, and reclaim the right to be breathing life instead of fear. This will support us as we align with the universe inside of you, me and others. Maybe by going on this different kind of walkabout, this profound inner journey, we can elevate this world together and align with who we really are as human beings.

I believe the time is right for that, right now, this second. Not tomorrow, not if and not when because time is running out. Time is slipping away from the natural and the authentic, the truth about you and me and the universe. Let us take a big step for humanity by walking up the universal energy path inside  ourselves. It might be that the course is blocked, damaged or hidden, but no matter where you are and what the road looks like inside you, the path is still there. There might be a gate to open, forgiveness to extend, a request for redemption, or stretching out a hand to the healing of life itself.

INTUITIVE HEALING FOREST PEACEWherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you feel, do it anyway. Start with just one step at the base where the colour is red, step deep into the centre of you, to climb the rainbow inside you. Once both your feet are firmly anchored in the root system of your survival, the base chakra, ask yourself if your sense of security and survival is blocked by fear. Ground yourself and say out loud “I am” (present). Once you feel comfortable pronouncing these two simple words without any fear attached, move on to the next step.

You are now ready to feel the orange fire inside you. Say “I feel” (embracing all that is warm and sensual). Scan your energies to see if you have made room for your creative juices to flow. If not, you have denied yourself pleasure through a blockage of guilt. Is it guilt of not being creative or not in touch with your sensuality?  Find comfort in that we are all creative, and we are all sensual because we come from love and creation. What is creativity? It is not only about painting, singing or dancing. Creativity is everywhere and also in you. It can be how you water your plants, how you organize your agenda or how you look at the rainbow, and even how you touch the hand of your lover.

With this new insight, you are ready to climb the next rung of the ladder to reach the sun in you and say “I do” (shine). While being there, align with your own willpower to be fully you and let all the obstacles of shame melt away from your inner sun. Embrace your right to shine effortlessly, brightly and without any apologies. Simply meet the sun in you, perceive the yellow sunbeams in your solar plexus and say once again “I do” (shine).

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTNow it is time to step onto the green grass of your heart chakra with naked feet and say out loud “I love” (myself, life, and my neighbour). If this feels uncomfortable, there are  tears that have not been cried or bitter grief lingering somewhere inside. So shed the old and let the healing tears of life flow to open your heart to a life where you are love, and you are loved by the essence of you. The one you were before all these experiences hurt or hardened your heart.

Once the grief is gone, move up and say “I speak” (the truth)  Let the blue light of communication fill your voice so that you may be true to your words. Make a conscious pact with yourself, “from now on, I only speak my mind”.  Aim to not let your voice be blocked by lies. Instead, embrace the truth of your inner world so that only truth can be heard in all that you say. Don’t refrain from communicating who you are and what you think. It is when you find the authentic voice that you find your life, and life finds you.

Now you can aim for the indigo of the inner eye and say, “I see” (who I am). This insight washes away all the illusions that kept you in the dark. Your perception about yourself and your future and the future of humanity has reached a heightened vantage point as you see the beauty in you and the beauty in life.. You know by now, with the help of your intuition, that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, as we all are.

The quantum dimension of the soul is no longer a Greek algorithm but something real and tangible for your conscious self. As you embrace the truth, all souls live in a dimension where time and space do not exist. Your soul is simply vibrating in and out of your body, as all souls are. That is why we talk about raising your vibration. This is not flaky spiritual stuff; it is just the simple reality of human life.

Now it is time to reach for the sky and embrace the divinity in you by saying “I understand” (the pure cosmic energy surrounding me as I am ready to detach from my earthly attachments). In this place, all becomes purple or white as you take the step to embark on your inner journey with the faith of someone who loves life.

The final destination is the ecstasy of being alive. It is the bright colour of a life worth living for the sake of the divinity of creation.

Amen, and so it is, and so are you.


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