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Lifestyle: A roundup of decor shopping and design.

Domkapa: Domkapa is an upholstery specialized brand based in Northern Portugal. As such, Domkapa holds a tremendous passion for detailed stitching, presenting several similarities to the haute-couture philosophy focused on the value of ‘made by hand’. The use of techniques such as manual cuts, hand sewing – plain seam, stitches seam, double stitched seam, slot seam, corded seam, piped seam – artisanal couture techniques – seams, darts, tucks, pleats hand – are uniqueness providers, making the sewing machine only a support compared to the mostly manual work. The brand’s philosophy is adding value to each item, making it one of a kind.

Design meets comfort – How does this happen? Everything starts indoors. Domkapa’s design team works side to side with the production, and this organic synergy allows the creation of innovative designs. Domkapa’s pieces are re- interpretations of classics, always respecting the design principles of proportion, balance, colour, shape and texture; nevertheless, without losing the brand’s identity. It’s getting harder to find comfortable and unique design pieces in the market. The art of Design is usually seen as something artistic but uncomfortable and with a lack of ergonomics.

Domkapa challenges its team to create the perfect daily meeting between Design and Comfort in each piece of the brand’s collections – from the foams to the woods and metals, everything is meticulously thought out to provide comfort and design to the client.

Planet Happy Ocean Milly Green Designs: Ocean Drinks Bottle – Corn-starch (PLA) & BPA Free. Keep hydrated with the BPA free reusable water bottle! Ocean Eco-friendly 17oz Travel Mug – Bamboo. A reusable bamboo 17oz travel mug with silicone band, perfect for that take away hot drink on the go. Ocean 14oz Mug – 30% Recycled Ceramic.

Ocean Tea Towels Set of 2 – 100% Recycled Cotton, drying up won’t be a bore with these beautiful 100% recycled cotton tea towels. A kitchen essential you just cannot do without. When you buy these products, 1% of the proceeds will support the great work of the Marine Conservation Society protecting our

Kitchen Craft Natural Elements – Set of 3 Eco- Friendly Paulownia Wood
Crates: A set of three paulownia wood crates for plastic-free storage around the home and
garden. Simple and functional, they can be used for any number of storage purposes and nest together for easy storage when not in use. Combining sustainability, functionality and style, Natural Elements introduces its eco-friendly range, which is designed to reduce plastic, particularly single use within our kitchen and cooking lifestyles. This collection embraces natural materials within the kitchen, bringing a unique organic feel to the home.