Luxury cars: Porsche Next, the new digital auto show experience


Our luxury cars article looks at an innovative project by Porsche Belgium.

Porsche Belgium is preparing a virtual and creative auto show. A first for the car manufacturer. This new innovative service will be available from 8 to 31 January from 8 a.m. to midnight on the website.

Concretely, on the new Porsche Next platform, visitors will be able to discover the Porsche range. “We worked with real Porsches, real vehicles, in order to convey all the emotion that our cars can offer”, explains Emilie Van Impe, project manager. “The cars were filmed from all angles, down to the smallest detail.”

This process is usually used in fashion. Porsche Belgium is breaking new ground by using it to interactively present cars it will not be able to display at the cancelled Auto Show.

So what are the advantages of this new process for the user?
The interest of working and shooting with real models compared to a Classic 3D makes it possible to transfer the emotion of their vehicles, the beautiful lines, the curves through a screen. Working cinematically with a real car the rendering is more impressive for the user than with a 3D drawing. It is more than a virtual showroom, the latest models will be presented in a “premium and immersive digital environment, leaving the visitor in full control of their experience” states the Zuffenhausen brand.

The user will be able to travel between four cameras which will allow him to see the front, rear, sides and interior of the vehicle which will be filmed in tracking motion with fluid movements. Always hoping to make their customers’ dream come true by creating a personalized car with the help of the experts.

Visitors to Porsche NEXT can interact with the brand’s experts via their computer or smartphone and enjoy a fully personalized and personalized experience.

The latest models will be presented in a premium, immersive digital environment, leaving visitors in full control of their experience.

There are seven models that will be filmed and digitized for the launch of Porsche Next. This project started in May last year even before it was officially known that the auto show would not be maintained this year, which has given Porsche a head start over its competitors.

What were the difficulties in setting up the project?
The big technical challenge according to the teams was to realize a cinematic project that gives the impression of really having a car, of having a real object and not a synthetic image in front of our screen.

Many different processes have been used for example: the interior of the car is filmed with a periscope cam, techno dolly making it possible to film with several exposures of light on the same object and therefore improve the rendering.

Porsche NEXT, a new way of living the Porsche dream and making it even better in their nine Belgian Porsche centres

Last precision: to speak with an expert, it will obviously be necessary to benefit from an audio channel on the device used. On the other hand, the visitor can always decide not to turn on his camera.
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