Luxury: The most expensive pens in the world


We look at the best luxury pens ever to scratch across paper.

Caran d’Ache La Modernista Diamonds
Located in Geneva since its inception in 1915, the firm is committed to creating and developing writing and drawing instruments combining the finest materials with the most advanced, innovative skills – including some that are extremely rare, such as the exceptional art of authentic Chinese lacquer done by hand in the ancestral manner.

The natural black stone found in the mountains of Switzerland gave rise to the first Swiss pencil factory set up in Geneva in 1915. Nine years later, in the hands of its founder, the visionary Arnold Schweitzer, it took the name of the famous illustrator and became known as Caran d’Ache. €265,000.

Visconti the Forbidden City H.R.H
The company was founded in 1988 in Florence by Dante Del Vecchio and Luigi Poli, collectors of fountain pens for many years. Their products represented the rediscovery and relaunch of celluloid as material for fountain pens.

Visconti’s highly elite interpretation of the forbidden city exudes a sumptuously powerful charm. 18KT white gold and black resin shaft is perfectly complemented by the 23KT palladium dreamtouch nib. 261 white diamonds (VV/VVS color GH) finish this extravagant piece in perfect style. Made in Italy. €50,500.

Omas Phoenix Platinum Luxury Limited Edition
The Chinese Phoenix is portrayed in many ways, often with the forehead of a crane, the beak of a wild bird, the neck of a snake, the shell of a tortoise, the stripes of a dragon and the tail of a fish, held to be the finest attributes of these animals, and is the personification of the primordial forces of the Heavens.

In its beak, it carries the sacred texts, on its body are written the Five Cardinal Virtues, its song contains the five notes of the Chinese musical scale and its tail has the five primary colours. The two yang colours, blue and red, are balanced with the yin colours, white and black. €60,000.