Luxury phones: World’s most expensive phones


This month we look at luxury phones – some very expensive means of communication.

iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy
UK-based, Goldgenie released the most expensive iPhone in the world. One of the iPhone Diamond Ecstasy phones can cost you up to €2 million .

The iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy range is encased in 24-carat gold and is encrusted with over 788 VS1 diamonds. But you can even customise your most expensive iPhone in the world by choosing between gold, rose gold or platinum finishes and you can add different precious stones including rubies, sapphires, tourmalines and coloured diamonds in black, pink and yellow. You can also add a customised laser engraving of whatever you want.

luxury phonesVertu Signature Diamond
Exclusive luxury phones from Vertu. Vertu is very famous for its luxury mobile phone products, including mobile phones Vertu Signature Diamond is included in order to-10 list of the world’s most expensive mobile phones. This phone is made of platinum and claimed the best assembly process is done by hand, not machines. Phone decorated with a pretty fancy diamonds produced only 200 pieces. €78,000

luxury phonesVertu Signature S Yellow Gold Full Pavé Baguette Diamonds
pure luxury mobile phone created with the finest materials including silver sapphire, white gold, diamonds, yellow gold, platinum, red gold & alligator skin. €87,000

luxury phonesiPhone 24ct Gold Collection
The iPhone has long been a status symbol, and what better way to emphasize that than with a luxurious authentic golden sheen. Not just the regular gold or platinum paint, mind you, but the real thing plated onto the iPhone 6’s body. From €1.8 million

luxury phonesDiamond Crypto Smartphone
For the wealthy and the paranoid, perhaps? Packed with with expensive metal and precious stones, it boasts powerful encryption technology. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone was developed to “provide secure protection of information”. The phone is made of solid platinum. The Ancort logo and navigation are 18 carat rose gold with 28 cut diamonds surrounding the navigation key, 25.5 princess cut diamonds have decorated the sides of the phone and on top of that there are 8 more beautiful diamonds affixed onto the device. This diamond graved phone costs a whopping €1.15 million.

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