Luxury: Sail Away With Solaris


Luxury: It all began in Venice for a specialist in yacht design and build – Solaris.

The venture started in the 1970s in Aquileia, on the shores of the Venetian Lagoon, where first the Romans and then the Serenissima Republic left their important seafaring heritage, which was taken up by Solaris Yachts. With forty years of dedicated boat building and refitting experience, and a unique know-how, the technical department and the skilled workers of Solaris design and build quality sailing yachts, combining technology and strength with the traditional manufacture of the incomparable wood interiors.

The sea is the ultimate judge, and it is thanks to the sea that Solaris is able to improve by practicing the technique of continuous development in the company. The quality of Solaris goes beyond the structural components, and is evident in the entire yachts, using only what works better and lasts no longer; because of this continuous and precise work of selection and research of the best materials and equipment, it is possible to create such unique yachts.

In 2013 Solaris founded Performance Boats as a company dedicated to building big yachts in carbon. Performance Boats has an advanced facility among the most complete, best-equipped and technologically advanced in the world and has an international team of highly-qualified technicians with more than 20 years’ experience in the construction of sailing yachts over 90’. The combination of an experienced team, sophisticated equipment and advanced technologies makes this department one of the best in the world.

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