Fitness: Working Your Core


Anna Vondrouskova, WATFIT instructor for Aspria in Brussels, explains why everyone should try WATFIT and work your core.

How would you describe WATFIT?: WATFIT is a group exercise class that takes place in the swimming pool; its name combines ‘water’ (WAT) and ‘fitness’ (FIT). The WATFIT workout takes place on an adapted, inflatable mat that floats on the surface of the swimming pool. However, although the mat is moored in place so it can’t drift around the pool, there’s an element of instability, which ensures all the exercises challenge the individual’s balance.

What sort of exercises do you do in WATFIT?: The 45-minute class consists of a  warm-up, followed by cardio intervals alternated with strengthening exercises (standing, lying down and sitting) – squats on the mat is just one example. There is then a cool-down before we finish the workout with some stretching. There are no added weights, or indeed any equipment other than the mat, as the bodyweight workout can already be very challenging on the floating mat.

What if you fall off the board?: I admit it can sound a bit scary, but my experience is that even from the very first time you try and stand on the board, you can feel your body adapting and finding its balance. That confidence then increases with every class as your strength and stamina build.

And be assured, WATFIT is a very safe workout. As I mentioned, the boards are moored in place – to the edge of the pool from one side and a rope from the other – so they float safely in place, allowing even beginners to follow the class and focus on technique rather than worrying about drifting off! Worst case scenario, you might fall off once or twice – but that’s all part of the game anyway!

What are the benefits of WATFIT for the exerciser?: It’s a class with so many benefits that I highly recommend it to everyone, from beginners to pro athletes. As I mentioned before, the floating mat provides an unstable surface, which means the body has to work hard to maintain its balance during every movement. It really focuses on the all-important core muscles, especially the abdominals, back muscles and muscles of the pelvic floor.

Most important of all, WATFIT is tremendous fun – and that matters, because the key to any good workout routine is that you enjoy it and want to come back for more!

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