Making waves with the Sea-Doo Spark


After an overnight flight, I arrived in Dubai on a Monday morning, greeted by magnificent weather. There was time to enjoy the hotel’s private beach and explore the bustling streets of the city for a bit. But the real fun began the following morning.

A boat took us to a private beach, just at the foot of Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s towering luxury hotel, where a Sea-Doo Spark awaited each of us. The Sea-Doo Spark is a new model of BRP’s Sea-Doo line that is making waves as the brand’s most affordable, lightweight and environmentally friendly marine vehicle to date.

Having never ridden a Sea-Doo, I was a little nervous before getting on the Spark, but my previous adventures with the BRP team (like my ride through Portugal on the back of the CAN-AM Spyder Roadster) put me at ease. Once we’d taken to the water, the nerves had fully subsided.

Sea-Doo has dominated the marine vehicle market for over 25 years, and with this new model, it is easy to understand why. The Spark was easy to handle, and skimming across the water at such high speeds gives you a sensation unlike any other. It was magic.

The Sea-Doo Spark is customizable to fit your tastes and also your price range, so every experience on the water can be exactly what you want. Its sleek design and polypropylene frame mean the Spark is both easy to transport on land and easy to manoeuvre once it’s in the water, in addition to making it more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly than other machines.

There are six basic categories to choose from to begin creating the machine that will spark your desire to make some waves:

1. Number of passengers: The option to choose between two seats or three makes the Spark accessible to families of any size.

2. Motor: The Rotax® ACE™ is the most energy efficient motor; it consumes 7.3 litres per hour. The Rotax ACE 900 HO features better acceleration and a higher maximum speed and uses 9 litres per hour.

3. Add an iBR braking system : The iBR system allows you to stop more quickly and effortlessly than other braking systems on the market, increasing the machine’s ease of handling and making docking your Spark a painless process.

4. Accessories: Add removable bumpers to protect the body of the Sea-Doo, a step on the side of the machine or a storage compartment.

5. Colour: A choice of five different colours means your Spark can reflect your personality.

And if that weren’t enough, Sea-Doo offers a number of other accessories for even more customization.

In its most basic version, the Sea-Doo Spark is available for purchase at around €6,000 and increases in price depending on the choice of motor, additional systems and accessories. There are dealers across Belgium:

Getting there: Lufthansa Airlines

Accomodation: Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort