Marc Sluszny & Together magazine event 15 June 2017

Marc Sluszny

During this unique conference, Together magazine invites Marc Sluszny to speak for the first time in Belgium on ‘The Pursuit of Excellence’.

Marc Sluszny is an adventurer, sportsman, keynote speaker, mental coach and author. Through extreme sports he searches to overcome his mental and physical boundaries. He broke several records and has participated many times in the European and World Championships in different disciplines.

During the conference, Marc Sluszny, will share techniques on how to:

–          Overcome your fears

–          Achieve your goals

–          Be the best version of yourself

–          Perform at your highest level in different fields


6pm: Registration starts

6.30pm – 7.30pm: Conference

7.30pm: Reception

Together magazine
Bd St Michel, 47
1040 BXL

There are a limited number of seats. Free.

Register by sending your name and telephone number to the following email address:

About Marc Sluszny
Marc Sluszny is an extreme athlete, adventurer, coach, author and keynote speaker. An extraordinary man who has gained worldwide recognition thanks to his exceptional sports achievements in multiple disciplines. With courage, determination and focus he has pushed his physical and emotional strengths to the limit, enabling him to break several world records.

“It’s not how good you are, only how good you want to be.”

With more than 30 years of experience, Marc is determined to share his know-how with individuals and teams, to achieve, operate and redefine their goals. As a mental/motivational coach, he will teach you to apply the right mindset. This knowledge is not just a theory or a science, it’s a way of life.

A masterful coach is a vision builder and a value shaper, who enters into the learning system of a person, business or social institution with the intent of improving and effectively implementing a development program and thus impacting people’s ability to perform.

“What makes me different, is that I have lived it.”

WHO:  I am a mental and motivational coach/ sports consultant and keynote speaker.

WHAT: I enable individuals and teams to achieve, operate and redefine their goals.

“The worlds best are trained.”

HOW: Focus / Engagement / Attitude / Resilience

“To achieve your goals, you must overcome your fears. To conquer your fears, you must be willing to push your limits. If you exceed your limits, you will get to live your dreams. Do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way and be satisfied with nothing short of excellence.”