Mauritius: Paradise found


‘Paradise’ is probably not the first word you would choose to describe Brussels – sure, our wonderful city is cosmopolitan, conveniently located and has lots more going for it as well but, for most, the capital of Europe is probably not Nirvana. So, what does define paradise for you? Is it white sandy beaches? A turquoise blue ocean? A brilliant golf course? Maybe a relaxing spa inside a world-class hotel? How about all the above?


Welcome to Mauritius – a beautiful island country located around 750 kilometres east of Madagascar. Although it’s smaller even than Luxembourg, what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in beauty. Thankfully, despite its breathtaking beaches, stunning golf courses and friendly culture, Mauritius is still relatively unknown to many travellers. Dutch sailors first inhabited the island in the early 17th century, but after failing to develop a sustainable colony, the immigrants abandoned the island a century later.


By the early 1800s, the British had taken Mauritius from France in the Napoleonic wars, and continued to develop the island, while at the same time abolishing slavery; the French had used hundreds of slaves from Madagascar and India. Today, Indo-Mauritians make up roughly two-thirds of the island’s diverse population. The island’s diversity is one of its greatest attributes, with Mauritians well known for their warm welcome for all cultures. Despite a violent beginning to the island’s history, Mauritius has been peaceful for nearly 200 years. Mauritius became independent of Great Britain in 1968 and the island has continued to grow economically. Of course, a huge area of that economy is tourism, and there is no better place to be a tourist in Mauritius than at the Dinarobin Hotel. If Brussels doesn’t exactly fill your ‘paradise requirements’, this five-star resort will. Located on a peninsula on the western shore, the Dinarobin Hotel combines seemingly endless white sands, crystal-clear oceans and views of the lush green mountains with a luxurious resort that is perfect both for a family holiday or a romantic getaway. Whether you prefer to spend your afternoon on the 18-hole golf course (the most beautiful course I have ever played), relaxing at the spa or living the dream swimming with dolphins, one thing is sure – you won’t be disappointed.


Every aspect of Dinarobin reflects elegance. Its unusual architecture, spacious suites, 18-hole golf course and prime location on one of the island’s most beautiful beaches make it the best choice for the discerning traveller. It offers the perfect mix of facilities for the active with a peaceful atmosphere for those looking to relax. If you have kids, a Mini Club welcomes children aged 3-12 from 9-21h, seven days a week. The clubs are run by qualified professionals who provide fun and educational indoor and outdoor activities to keep your little ones entertained and happy. Baby-sitting services also available. If you don’t have children and don’t want to be distracted by the noise of  others’ offspring playing, new relaxation areas have been created, with the addition of five 75 square-metre pools. The pools’ rectangular lines create a strong visual impact with sleek glistening surfaces stretching into the cool shade of palm trees. Views from the pools look over the beach to one side and stunning Le Morne Mountain on the other. The unique settings of the pools, which differ from one another, create a unique feel and charm. You will experience a new sense of intimacy. Relaxation is easy at Dinarobin, and with a top-class Clarins Spa offering a wide range of different treatments sourced from around the globe, awareness of space and time fade away as you focus on the moment. Gentle, inviting waters make Mauritius – and especially the Dinarobin Hotel– a perfect destination for water activities; water-skiing, windsurfing, sailing, snorkelling trips, kayaks and pedal boats which take place in the sheltered lagoon located in front of your hotel. You can see the huge waves of the Indian Ocean crashing on the coral reef that’s located just 100 metres from the beach, while enjoying a swim in a lagoon that can be thought of as a giant swimming pool, with fresh sea water. If you’re keen to get active on land, then volleyball, tennis or a session in the Paradis Sports Centre is ideal, and the Paradis golf course is one of the most beautiful in the world, with breathtaking views. Exceptional gastronomy can be found in the four Dinarobin restaurants, varying from gourmet menus to light meals served on the beach. Local food, spices and the catch of the day will give your taste buds no time to relax. Dinarobin’s peaceful surroundings, intimate village setting and world-class service means your Mauritius holiday will remain with you for a lifetime.



Le Morne Peninsula


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