Va-va-voom Versace, lovely Lauren


The new philosophy of the contemporary fashion designer is, not unlike Together, to sell a dream to the customer. To do that, it is necessary to create a lifestyle in which the contemporary fashionista can feel the designer’s touch in the ambience. For this reason, brands such as Versace are investing heavily in ‘lifestyle philosophy’. The strategy ranges from the opening of a hotel in Australia, to the latest made-to-measure concepts to decorate your private jet. But, moving back to interior design, let us take you to a noble palace in the fashion district of Milan, via del Gesù.


Here, you will discover that the combining of opposites is the winning formula of Versace Home, which takes inspiration from neoclassical, baroque and ultra-modern styles to create a flow of unexpected harmonies. The essence of the Versace style runs through a series of strong, captivating designs, which uniquely combine the appeal of precious materials with a strong flavour of vibrant colours and bold ideas. The collection takes in every room of the home, offering a wide selection of bed linen, bath towels, table cloths, furniture, lamps and accessories. There are two parallel and yet contrasting moods, classic and modern, offering a variety of sophisticated hints and inspirations for contemporary chic. Warm wood tones, golden lacquers, soft lines and clean graphics mix with baroque volutes, gold, silver and stunning velvets and silks. If Italian style is not enough for you, why not enter the universe of Ralph Lauren Home. Two new collections are ready – La plage coll captures the tranquil elegance of the seaside with an artful mix of chic and rustic elements and nautical shades of white and blue. On the other hand, the Grand Hotel collection is more glamorous and uses a sophisticated palette of navy, cream and white with touches of gold and references to evening wear. In other words, a summer holiday in an elegant Riviera suite, with the expert touch of Ralph. What more could you want?

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