Netflix: 9 steps to TV series obsession disorder

    1. Proud to be done
      Did you realize how proud we are at social events to relate the various shows we’ve watched to the end? Is it an ‘accomplished’ (while still having a life)? I even think the latter is the most important: the real achievement is “how the hell do you have a normal working day after those nights finishing season 8?” Here we are stepping into the reward centre of our brains… welcome dopamine, exit sleep! Bragging about how much we can take in and still be at the top (so we think). I’m not sure the body feels very happy afterwards though. Having lack of quality sleep most certainly will drain us, make us become negative and exhausted. This can surely turn into depression – sooner or later it does.NETFLIX
    2. Quality and education
      If you look around today, there is hardly anything that competes with Netflix. For ten to fifteen euros a month you can share it with the whole family – you get quality programmes addressing almost any interest in life (from design to travelling, to interior architecture, to Asian stand up, extreme sports, law firms, sex and other addictions). Their acting is amazing too: all these next-door boys and girls stepping into our lives for the weeks or months are either sexy, villainous or bright. They all have something. We almost live with them in our heads, hurrying home to find out what happened next. It’s intelligent scenario writing – it deals with all ages, all styles, and most of the time you even learn something.
    3. The time trick
      Apparently, our brain works in chunks of 30 or 60 minutes, say medical studies, whereas Netflix episodes use a 40 min pattern. This does not fit in – hence we usually watch two episodes in a row, and even indulge in a third to make it two hours all told, a round figure our brain can relate to. Sounds familiar?
    4. The serotonin boost
      What if screen light had a positive effect on our brain cells? According to The Huffington Post, even though it keeps us from sleep it nevertheless makes us happy.