New: AquaCircuit Classes at Aspria


Aspria is constantly innovating, this time bringing the principles of CrossFit to the pool. 

Forget everything you thought you knew about group classes practiced in the pool. Aspria invites you to (re)discover the joys and benefits of training in the water with a unique concept: AquaCircuit. This form of aquatic CrossFit is already shaping up to be one of the new sports trends to watch closely in the coming years – and you can now try it for yourself. 

What is AquaCircuit? 

Much more than a simple class, this complete and dynamic workout routine takes full advantage of the natural resistance that occurs underwater to effectively work your muscle groups in isolation and put your cardiovascular system to the test, while reducing the impact on your joints. 

Participants in the class are split into small groups, supervised by trainers, guiding them through a series of varied workstations featuring specialized underwater equipment. So whether you’re a seasoned sports fan or just looking to get back into shape, AquaCircuit is tailored to suit everyone. 

What makes this unique? 

The great innovation with this approach comes from the emphasis placed on training intensity, while still keeping the activity accessible for everyone. You can challenge yourself at your own pace, pushing your personal limits and achieving results quickly. The AquaCircuit offers you a unique experience where water becomes your training partner, enabling you to achieve smoother and more effective movements. 

How does it work? 

AquaCircuit sessions start with a carefully designed warm-up to prepare your body for exercise. You then follow this up with a series of intense fractional workouts based on the tabata principle (40 seconds of effort and 20 seconds of recovery), stimulating every muscle in your body. 

Each group, of no more than four people, is allocated a specific workstation for three to four minutes: AquaBike, water treadmill, trampoline, step or boxing (using a punching bag and dedicated gloves). The coach explains the specific movements to be performed and then starts the music. It’s up to you to push yourself during the 40 seconds of effort! The aim is to give it your all before the 20-second recovery period. This pattern is repeated three times and, when the music playlist ends, each group can change workstation and start again. 

Finally, each session ends with a well-deserved stretch and relaxation. 

The extra benefits 

The benefits of working out in the water are varied. As well as strengthening your muscles and improving your cardiovascular capacity, you benefit from increased resistance while avoiding the stress on your joints. With its buoyancy, water also allows for a feeling of lightness, which reduces the risk of injury and promotes recovery. 

For Nicole Mattez, trainer at Aspria, saving time is another key advantage of AquaCircuit: “45 minutes of AquaCircuit is the equivalent of 1.5 hours of dry training. The water increases the intensity of the effort and the results will be visible very quickly.”  

So what are you waiting for? Try out an exciting new training style, with AquaCircuit. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your body, develop your endurance or burn calories, our innovative programme will help you achieve your goals. Dive in and get ready to push your limits safely and effectively! 

AquaCircuit classes are available at Aspria Arts-Loi. 

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