New Look Opens Flagship Store


This will be the fourth store the UK-owned clothing chain has in the city and the twelfth in Belgium. The country was the first target for New Look when it decided to expand into continental Europe five years ago and with fashion retailing suffering in Britain at the moment it is financially more attractive to concentrate on this side of the Channel. The retailer is also considering opening outlets in Leuven and Ghent.

“Belgium is delivering good profits and that is the reason for a new store,” said Benjamin Tetard, managing director of New Look in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. “This will be our flagship and offer the premium range of the collection including limited editions.”

The store which is on two floors over 780 square metres is on Rue Neuve, the premium shopping destination in Belgium says Tetard. “It is better to be on this side of the Channel at the moment,” he adds. Although in the UK New Look is the second largest shoe retailer selling 16.5 million pairs of shoes a year.

On the continent Tetard sees Hennes & Mauritz as New Look’s major fashion rival.