Break A Habit


Doing the same thing again and again limits your opportunities. It is time to break out of the ‘small room’.

Well, I’ve just got back from a really inspiring few days with my mentor, Lisa Sasavich, in San Diego, and how great do I feel!

Ont eh plane back I was thinking about how empowered I felt and how just getting into a different space (mentally and physically) has such a hugely positive effect. It felt like moving out of a small, dark, cramped room into the light of a massive, 360° amphitheatre!

And what that gives is vison . . . the vision to think big, to trust instincts and embrace the total enormity of what’s possible. Not bad, eh?

But, here’s the thing. Most of us, most of the time, operate within the confines of that small, dark, cramped room…and we don’t even know it! We’re on auto-pilot. We do the same things every day, we get the same results, we accept the same results and so on. And, what happens when we repeat the same actions again and again? They become habits, and habits are comfortable. We know them, we trust them, they don’t surprise us, they’re safe…hmmm.

So, I am challenging you to break a habit today (preferably a bad one!). Say ‘No” to something you do repeatedly that’s not moving you forward, that’s keeping you in the ‘small dark room’. Ask yourself, what opportunities have I not acted on today because I felt safer doing my old familiar stuff? Identify one, act on it and step into that amphitheatre. It really is the only place to be!