No sex, please, we’re Just Married


Ah, the wedding night. In the collective imagination, if the wedding day goes off without a hitch then it augurs well for a successful married life. The day unfolds in, roughly speaking, three acts: a trip to the priest and/or mayor to say yes, kiss and exchange rings; a slap-up meal or party with family and friends; and finally, the big night, where the union is finally consummated, at least for those who have not yet done so (and they are increasingly rare, but that’s another debate).

The wedding night, however, is not always synonymous with passionate fireworks in the new marital bed. According to a British study, 52% of newlyweds won’t have sex on their wedding night.

So one couple in two in does not celebrate their union with what they call ‘rumpy-pumpy’ across the channel (17% even wait as long as three days). There are many reasons of course. And you will no doubt have guessed the main reason: ‘sir’ prefers to concentrate on alcohol in abundance rather than his recent union – at least, this was the explanation given by one in four couples interviewed.

For the other 75%, take your pick between tipsy wife or one spouse falling into the arms of Morpheus rather than those of his or her new life partner. Add to these reasons such as having to catch a honeymoon-bound plane immediately after the party, spending a crazy night of madness on the dance floor with friends, or, sadder still, that first argument as a married couple – one couple in twenty spent their wedding night in separate beds . The beginning of a beautiful story, no doubt.