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Personal relationships: 5 keys to married bliss

Sarbani Sen opened a book about personal relationships that changed her thinking. Let me share an excerpt of this amazing book on men, on relationships...

Sex advice: The most powerful bedroom phrases to use

In this sex advice article a new study reveals the bedroom phrases that raise our heartbeats the most. When it comes to talking dirty in...

Cinema sex: The actors that last the longest on-screen

The latest survey about cinema sex scenes runs the timer on the stars. Hollywood’s longest on-screen sex scene is between Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis...

Personal Development: Sex, Sexuality & Sensuality

Personal Development: Sarbani Sen delves into the complex world of sex, sexuality and sensuality. When we talk about sexuality, we mean the physical, chemical, emotional...

No sex, please, we’re Just Married

Ah, the wedding night. In the collective imagination, if the wedding day goes off without a hitch then it augurs well for a successful...
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