Belgian design: Atelier de la Cambre, collection of luminaires


In our Belgian design pages, James Drew looks into the world of Stéphane Davidts, lighting creator par excellence.

From the word go (which was 1980), lighting manufacturer Stéphane Davidts has always been about simple, sober quality, for demanding customers – today, he is one of Brussels’ leading producers of decorative lighting that integrates perfectly with any interior, whether classic or contemporary. With lamps, wall lights, reading lights, suspensions spots and the new integrated full LED lamps that are instantly recognizable as class – beautiful, elegant, refined and timeless.

In his Brussels workshop, surrounded by the know-how of around 40 people, Davidts combines modern and traditional techniques to obtain precise, elegant and refined products that last and last. Davidts’ collections have historically charmed all-comers, and the company also makes customized lighting, as well as also excelling in shades, with a progressively sizeable collection of table lamps, wall lamps, suspensions, reading lamps and spots.

The aim, according to Stéphane: “Each client must be able to find his style, whether for an old or classic interior just as easily as for a contemporary space, and to find a destination as well in hotels or public places as at home. The deliberate choice of the artisanal approach to the making of shades makes it possible to favour quality over quantity, which positioned our shades at the top of the range. Our workshops can manufacture a wide variety of shades, in multiple and varied forms, and we regularly look for new and trendy colours and materials on the European market.”