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Have you just arrived in Belgium and are having difficulty understanding the Belgian healthcare system? Does your company regularly or occasionally recruit expats? If you are an expat or work in human resources, Partena Business & Expats is available to help you find the best solutions.

Who are we?
Partena Business & Expats is a department shared by the Partenamut and Partena Ziekenfonds health insurance providers. We are therefore present throughout Belgium. We specialise in international agreements and provide support and guidance to new arrivals in Belgium. We also offer health insurance to expats, schools and companies that work with staff from abroad.

Partena Business & Expats is divided into two departments:

Partena Business
This department offers support to companies, universities and colleges that host foreign employees or students. Partena Business has extensive experience with various organisations, as well as extensive expertise with international agreements. We can therefore offer personalised support in three languages to expats arriving in your company or school to help them understand how social security works in Belgium, as well as guide them through the administrative formalities. We also provide you with a dedicated contact person to facilitate the follow-up of your applications.

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Partena Expats
Recently arrived in Belgium or a long-standing expat but want to change your health insurance provider? Do you have many questions about how social security works in Belgium? What procedures need to be followed, for example, to see a doctor or for a hospitalisation? Partena Expats is your go-to partner. Our department will help you choose the best healthcare protection, regardless of your profile or circumstances. Thanks to our trilingual team, we can offer you personalised support for you and your family.

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Why choose Partena Business & Expats?
With Partena Business & Expats, you get the benefit of:

  • a partner with over 10 years of experience with international agreements: we offer professional support to guide you through complex procedures
  • a trilingual service: our team is made up of friendly and efficient people who can help you in three languages (French, English and Dutch)
  • a wide range of health insurance products at competitive prices: in addition to the compulsory insurance that expats are required to take out, we offer numerous additional reimbursements (registration with a sports club, purchase of glasses or contact lenses, consultations with a psychologist, dietician, physiotherapist, osteopath, etc.), as well as insurance to cover hospitalisation or dental treatments.
  • simple and fast reimbursements: we are here to respond efficiently to all your requests
  • digital tools: you can keep track of your documentation and complete most procedures via your online account or via the Partenamut app on your smartphone

How to register?
Partena Business & Expats has a dedicated agency located in the centre of Brussels. Due to the health crisis, it is currently closed but the agency’s advisors are still available via our video call service. This service enables you to meet them from the comfort of your home via your computer or tablet to ask them any questions you may have and to register securely.

You can also register by calling us on 02/44 44 700 from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Or complete our contact form and one of our advisers will call you back.

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