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In our latest Personal coaching article International speaker, Peak Performance trainer and business mentor Arnon Barnes tells you his top three tips.

We have had our Christmas. We shared our happy New Years and now we are full on into 2022. A particularly important year and one I believe is significant for several reasons. Firstly, it is a new page, a new chapter in a new book. Secondly, and maybe even more so, I believe that 2022 is key because over the last two years we have all ridden a very turbulent wave.

Working with my coaching clients and all my students that own businesses, I noticed that they all have at least one common goal: to ‘simply’ get to 2023.

Many people have asked me what top two or three issues they should focus on this year. From my perspective, the top three things that you, as a business owner, entrepreneur or private person should be putting into focus for 2022 are: goals, growth and positivity.

Firstly, make sure you have clear goals in place. Know where you are in your business and life and know where you want to go. Most people can easily tell you where they want to go, but have no clue where they are right now. That is a problem, because if you do not know where you are starting from, how can you make a clear action plan to get to your final destination?

So, get clear with your goals. Understand what you want and determine and define the game you are playing. And if you need support, accountability or just a kick up the ass, connect with me or get in touch.

The next thing I would recommend you do in 2022 is: expand. In tough times, businesses, naturally, will contract. They get smaller as they try to cut or reduce to minimise damages. Although that is the very first instinct, it would be wiser to stop for a moment and actually look at your business, your life and where you are. Then find the places where you can grow, taking advantage of the opportunities the new, challenging situation has brought to life. Take action by playing a bigger game, talking to more or even different people, staying connected with your client base and creating new avatars for the expansion.

Whatever it takes, you need to get out of your comfort zone: what you have known about your business or life and make new choices on how to move forward. Things will get better. Some of your ideas may be successful and from others, you may learn valuable lessons. Whatever it is, when you are managing to expand in the current economic climate, then when we exit this roller coaster ride, the greatest treasures will be waiting. The rewards from doing so will be hugely beneficial in the short and long term.

Lastly, I recommend something I value very highly – both in everyday life and in all my businesses. I must have shared it with you over and over, and yet will do so once again. Be positive: Keep yourself in a positive energy. Stay focused on what is good and devote your attention to bringing more kindness to people around you: be it your business partner, colleague, spouse, son or daughter, neighbour, friend, or maybe even a stranger. I believe the energy that we need right now more than any other is the energy of kindness.

I am leaving you with these three pearls of wisdom to help you get through 2022. Make it a good year. Make it a better one than you have had before, by taking positive action every day, and then see how magic starts to happen in your life. Stay blessed.

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