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In our personal coaching pages International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor Arnon Barnes looks at an interesting case scenario.

A few weeks ago, I caught an interview online with Simon Sinek (motivational speaker and author of Start with Why). In the interview, Simon started asking these questions to the journalist interviewing him:

What would happen if you never brushed your teeth and only went to the dentist twice a year? Well, you’d have no teeth.

What does brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day actually do for you? Simon answers his own question, ‘not much’. Simon asks: But what if you were to, consistently, invest two minutes, twice a day, every day, once in the morning and once in the evening to in brushing your teeth. Then what would happen? Well, in this case scenario you would surely have clean and healthy teeth.

Simon continues to ask… What would happen if you went to the gym once for two hours, would you see a change in your body after those two hours? The journalist replies, ‘no’.

And if you went the next day for another two hours, would you see a change in your body? Again, ‘no’, replies the journalist.

And if on the third day you were to then spend eight hours in the gym after that would you see a difference in your body? The journalist replies again with a certain, ‘no’. And that’s exactly when most people quit. When they don’t see immediate results.

PERSONAL COACHING Simon goes on… But happens if you were to go to the gym for a month for an hour a day, then would you see a difference in your body? The journalist replies with a convinced, ‘yes!’

The reason I chose to share this message with you the reader is because during the last eight years of my life I have dedicated a considerable amount of my life’s energy to supporting, training and coaching business owners and business leaders with teams from all over the world – the interesting thing is that so many of them have thought that growing a great business, one that will create financial freedom, happens overnight.

The reality is, just like brushing your teeth; to see results you need to be consistent. You need to be disciplined and accountable, when you are committed to achieve real results. The secret is to be consistent. It’s the power of consistency that will create and sculpt your dreams, your goals. Not taking action once, but rather an ongoing, committed and disciplined regime.

And what astounds me is that there are so many business owners who refuse to consistently educate themselves. Whether it is reading a book on how to grow your business, scale up, strengthening your team, increasing profitability or another route you can take is to simply attend a seminar that will help you create more awareness around some of these subjects. The reality is, that everyone; you, me and everyone you know, we all have a blind spot. We all have somethings in our lives that we simply don’t see. And remember it’s not the bullet you see that will kill you, it’s the bullet you don’t see that will kill you.

So, if we all have a blind spot and consistency is one of the keys to success, which I think will be easy enough for you to agree with, then how can you solve this problem. Because going to a seminar is great, reading a book is great but the real secret to achieving real results and high levels of success is – accountability!

If you want to have real results in the real world then being consistent is key. But life isn’t that simple and that’s why I believe in the power of coaching. Yes, a seminar or a book will give you a ‘momentary kick’, but the game is won through consistency. With a good coach, you will surely benefit from their ability to hold you accountable so you can be true and consistent in achieving your goals.  And, more importantly, getting a coach, whether it is a nutritional coach, a fitness coach or a business coach, will help you be all you can be.

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