Personal Development: 3 Keys to Success


International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor Arnon Barnes shows us how to manage success.

The new year 2020 is upon us; a new decade is just around the corner. What better time than this to share three important things that will help you make this new year a mega success. As a big believer that there are many ‘keys to success’, I do believe that the following three keys are critical and if you indeed want to take your business, your life and your success to the next level, read carefully.

1. We all share one commodity equally, regardless of age, sex, religion or creed; the one commodity that is always equal to us all and binds us is ‘time’. Being given 24 hours per day to live our lives, fulfil our dreams, discover our passions and drive and make the most impact on the world, it is important how we chose to use those hours. The way we use those hours will make a massive difference to whether you have another average year or whether you will have a phenomenal year.

I don’t believe that you can manage time, therefore, the only thing you can do is manage yourself. Looking at the most successful people on the planet, one thing that they do well is manage themselves. The only way to manage yourself is to stick to your plan, be dedicated to your actions and learn to say ‘no’. When you want to be even more successful, you must learn to use your time wisely. That means safeguarding how you spend your time daily is key.

Every day we are confronted with distractions vying to ‘take us out of the game’. So, when you want to take a massive step forward in 2020 and achieve lots of goals, then your ability to say ‘no’ more than ‘yes’ will be critical.

2. It’s no secret that my business roots and basis of achieving financial freedom by the age of 28 is real estate. I always say success in real estate is known to be about ‘location, location, location’. I believe that in business and in life the saying should be ‘action, action, action’.

We all know people in our lives that know exactly what to say, or always have an opinion to share and judgement to make about other people’s choices. These know-it-alls will be loud and make themselves known. They may even be perceived as experts because, nowadays, those who stand out and make a lot of noise often outshine those who are actually doing it (and being too busy to make all this noise).

I am not telling you to start making a lot of noise, not until you’ve actually achieved what you set out to achieve in your business and life. What I’m telling you about is key number 2: take action. Nothing great is ever achieved without taking massive, committed and focused action. When I teach at events, I make sure to drill this concept into all my students, it is ‘the name of game is ACTION!’

3. Research and studies show us that people that have external accountability; in other words, someone that is holding you accountable to take action, deliver on your words and push you to achieve what you set out to achieve, is much more successful than those without an accountability partner. When you have someone holding you accountable, the probability of you increasing your chances to achieve your goals increase by a massive 78%!!

If I could give you any golden nugget to help you make 2020 your best year ever, it would be ‘get a coach’ – find someone that won’t buy into your excuses or your self-sabotaging behaviours that will cost you time, energy and success. Find a coach that will hold you accountable so that you can guarantee you have a great year.

I am excited about the new year, the new decade, to commence and will be heading into it with new energy, new projects and many new learnings and successes to come. I will be sure to keep you in the loop with these articles, on my social media and website and wish you to achieve the most success you have ever had! All you have to do is three things…. say no more, take massive, dedicated action and get yourself a coach.

Here’s to an incredibly powerful 2020!

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