Personal Development: 2020 Astrology



Pluto: Pluto represents the destruction of impurities. It is Attila and his horde of warriors who leave the soil on which they pass forever barren. It is the Fire from Heaven that annihilates everything in order to give way to something better and stronger. It is letting go of all that is not authentic to us, and opening up to our deep essence, and being reborn.

Pluto’s energy translates into the annihilation of every belief or behaviour that is rooted in ego and a desire for power. It speaks to our awareness that it is good, in certain contexts, to destroy what is preventing life from evolving, causing humanity to regress, or keeping it stuck in its worst incarnations.

Pluto evokes the disintegration and stripping away of all that keeps us in a state of fear of ourselves – and consequently of others – in order to give us back our power as human beings. Not so that we might become yet another little tyrant, but in the spirit of contribution.

Capricorn: To be brief, I will simply remind the reader that the sign of the Capricorn is inherently linked to Saturn, and therefore mainly evokes the concepts of structure and of social integration. In 2012, Capricorn admitted a square to occur between Uranus (revolution) and Pluto (radical change), an event that was reflected in the following years in all sorts of ruptures and reconsiderations of political, economic and social structures.

Brexit, #MeToo, the people reclaiming power through citizen initiatives, the gilets jaunes, all the protests for the climate, the debates around migration. Some have chosen openness, inclusion, the bigger picture, while others have withdrawn inward.

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto under Capricorn: As frankly terrifying as
this conjunction might seem, the basic principle of astrology implies that we have re-incarnated in order to experience it – it is part of all our souls’ plan. Indeed, this is not the kind of conjunction that occurs every generation. The last one dates back to 1518-1520.

Although the alignment will certainly have a global impact, the challenges will mostly be unique to each person’s sensibility and destiny. That being said, there are some common themes that we are likely to see, feel and observe during this time. Both
of these planets are associated with the darkness that exists in each of us. Therefore, they invite us to face our fears, and realize that behind every intolerance hides an internal flaw.

The alignment of Saturn and Pluto will help us to cleanse our egos in order to redefine our internal structures, this time on the basis of kindness, openness and unconditional love. So, we can all look at others with all their differences without feeling threatened or attacked.

We are also invited to succeed not only for ourselves, but to envision success as the attainment of a much higher goal – ultimately the good of humanity. Because if we view accomplishment in the manner of the ‘American Dream’ as merely a form of personal recognition and valorisation, then we are led to reinforce the ego and so encourage power struggles between beings.

It is also an invitation to re-think our relationship with reality. Indeed, matter, concrete objects, money, rigid and blind determination do not represent the entirety of the Universe – we mustn’t forget about the other side of the coin, namely the immaterial, the invisible, the vibrational, energy, kindness and flexibility.

The concept of mourning is essential for understanding this planetary alignment, which moves us to make a clean slate in a particular aspect of our lives. For individuals themselves, this implies a journey towards self-acceptance.

Next month, I will offer you all the opportunity to discover which aspect of your lives will be most impacted by this 2020 conjunction, depending on your date, time and place of birth.

Axel TRINH CONG Psychic, Therapist, Body- spirit-soul alignment, constellations, Tarot, soul messages.