Personal Development: 2020 Astrology


In latest of his series of contemplations, Axel Trinh-Cong takes a trip to the cosmos and he discipline of astrology.

Astrology may not enable us to predict the future, but it can help us to make it better. Astrological work consists of harmonizing the cosmos to our own internal rhythm, and vice versa.

The year 2020 will be marked by an usual and powerful stellar configuration. Indeed, through a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto within the sign of the Capricorn, the Universe is offering us the strength and resources we need in order to get rid of those things that are at odds with our internal truth, to begin anew with a clean slate. Needless to say, this represents a fantastic opportunity on anyone’s journey.

Astrology: Astrology is founded on the following principle: every being enters the world with its own unique destiny, a personal project made up of multiple experiences that we choose for ourselves, and that we are all perfectly free to realize on our own terms, with the same inalienable right to make mistakes and fail.

In that sense, astrology aligns itself with an empowering vision of destiny – far from being merely the result of happenstance or some endured fatality, destiny is a chosen experience, defined by the laws of causality, otherwise known as karma (which is a natural force of self-regulation).

In order to benefit from the energies that are most useful in accomplishing this destiny, it is each being who determines the circumstances under which they come into existence – whether they be familial, social, cultural, geographical, etc.

As for the matter of birthdates, this has to do with a particular being’s energetic form (be it material, psychological, emotional or spiritual) – that is to say their way of seeing the world, their resources, intentions, challenges, all the baggage they happen to be carrying on into their present life.

Astrology can help us to better understand ourselves, to perceive what is at stake in this particular incarnation, as well as the particular energies we may rightfully use at that time. It is a tool for discovering one’s internal universe (the microcosmos) and harmonizing with the external universe (the macrocosmos).

What is a conjunction of planets? When we speak of a conjunction between two planets, this means that, from planet Earth, they appear to have merged as one. For instance, when a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon occurs, we experience a solar eclipse. During such an event, the energies of both planets combine.

Saturn: As the last planet in the solar system that is visible to the naked eye, Saturn represents a limit, and therefore evokes the idea of our own limits, and what constitutes our integrity. By inevitably posing the question of what truly makes up the structure of our inner selves, Saturn invites us to be wise judges of our thoughts and choices.

Saturn invites us to re-think what we have and who we are, and to humbly accept our limits, to reject society’s norms, to embrace our internal limitations and find freedom therein.

True freedom is found within our limits and not beyond them. When we decide that our happiness is conditioned by something we do not have (i.e. blue eyes instead of brown) or something we are not (i.e. an extroverted personality rather than our own introverted nature), we condemn ourselves to misery. This is why we may look to this planet as a guide towards internal peace and self-acceptance.