Personal Development: A Gift From The Stars II


In Chapter 7, the second and final part of his astrology piece, Axel Trinh-Cong opens up many stars and houses to you.

Astrology can provide the means of discovering one’s internal universe (the microcosm) and harmonizing it with the external universe (the macrocosm). In the year 2020, the cosmos is marked by a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (see my February article). This alignment is extremely rare – the last occurrence dates back to over 500 years ago – and will affect us all in singular ways. If you like, you may read further to find out which part of your life will be affected by this energy, according to your date, time and place of birth.

How will your life be impacted?
In astrology, your natal chart is divided into 12 houses, numbered from 1 to 12. Each house is related to an aspect of life – money, relationships, career, etc. The house in which Pluto and Saturn are positioned in 2020 will depend on your date, time and place of birth. The activity of these planets will vary considerably from one house to another.
In order to see your astral chart, and find out in which house Saturn and Pluto are positioned in 2020 where you are concerned, here are some instructions:

– Go to
– Click on Extended Chart Selection on the right-hand sidebar and select Guest Users
– Fill in your birth information and select ‘click here to show the chart’.
Now you can see your birth chart, or in other words the position of the planets from the time you were born.
– Now click on ‘+ with transits’, so you can also see their position today, in the green circle
– In this circle, notice the green signs of Saturn and Pluto, and take note of the quarter in which the two planets find themselves. This quarter represents a house, the number of which happens to be very close to the centre.

According to this number, you can then discover the opportunities provided by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Saturn and Pluto in each house…

House 1
In the house of the Ascendant, it is always a matter of rebirth. Here more than in any other house, the desire to feel alive is clearly manifest. Only this time, by reconnecting with our own true power. It’s the time for coming into one’s own, being responsible and, most of all, aspiring to live authentically, with a renewed conscience of one’s value, liberated from the expectations and judgement of others.

House 2
In the house of matter, body and resources, the focus is on what we truly need in order to live at peace with ourselves, on the physical side of things. Here, what we consider to be the foundations of security and material value is put into question. Perhaps they should be re-evaluated with different concepts in mind – perhaps we should realize that to be is more valuable than to have. Nothing belongs to us in this world besides ourselves and our own internal richness, of which our external possessions are but a mere reflection.

House 3
In the house of the mind and communication, it’s all about transforming the ways in which we interact with people around us. By reconnecting with ourselves, we can, as individuals, express our feelings without falling into chit-chat, avoidance, blame or accusations, and thus allow space for true communication, once we are mindful of the words we choose. This is also a good time to take on new courses, develop new skills or redefine the way in which we experience life.

House 4
In the house of roots, as well as internal and emotional security, we are called on to rethink our identities. To do this we must reinforce our groundedness and stability, in order to find a new centre of personal gravity. Each individual concerned is invited to find peace and strength with and within themselves. This is often a period in which emotional dependency is brought to light.

House 5
In the house of personal expression, our internal child is beckoned to externalize its emotions, ideas and creativity in a spontaneous and playful way, authentically and without fear of judgement. In this house, where the question of love is also very present, sentimental life may become more intense and profound. It is all a matter of being happy with ourselves, as we are, and to share this self with others, without needing their recognition or admiration.