Personal development: Astrology and powerful energy of the universe


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ASTROLOGY ENERGEY TOGETHER MAGAZINE ZODIACA birth chart is therefore always correct in relation to the person. Especially if we accept that nothing happens by chance and that I am the author, the actor responsible for my life. All of us choose the time and place of their birth, the souls with whom we will live, the culture in within which we will grow, etc. As well as the experiences we intend to carry out during our incarnation.

A birth chart is like a sheet of music, a score that everyone is absolutely free to interpret as they wish, how they feel, varying the modes along the way if that is their desire or need. What magnifies a Bach fugue is not so much determined by the choice of instruments as by how the musician renders the spirit of the work. It doesn’t matter whether he chose the romantic, hard rock or electro route. It’s a matter of spirit and vibration.

An astrological chart can also be compared to a seed within which lies a whole budding tree. This tree is inherently a species, and an oak seed cannot give rise to anything other than an oak. However, its appearance and growth will be determined by its reaction to the nature of the soil in which it will take root, to the storms, droughts and floods it will experience. How will this shoot will be able to use its resources and its achievements to become a magnificent tree in harmony with the rest of the forest?

If astrology reminds us that we each have within us the 10 planets, the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 astrological houses, this means that we have within us all the forces and energies of the universe. And when it comes to the expansion of consciousness, it is in simply a matter of becoming concretely aware through life experiences of all the facets of universal energy in order to integrate them into oneself… and thus regain completeness.

We are born complete, but we are unaware of it. On the contrary, we think we are missing, deprived, bereft or unworthy of this or that. But this is not fair. We have everything within us. We are simply cut off from it. We are in a state of inner division. The goal of the incarnation is to reconnect with all that we each are. And the only possible way to do that is to experience ourselves, experience this inner whole in all of its facets in our flesh, mind and soul. Because it is only by living something that one can truly become aware of it. In this way, we rediscover our integrity, our completeness and, therefore, our universal and spiritual dimension.
Next month, I propose that we explore together the mandala of the 12 signs of the Zodiac and so penetrate into the heart of the laws of the Universe that we each are.

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