Personal development: Astrology and powerful energy of the universe


Axel TRINH CONG looks at the energy of the universe as a tool for personal development.

The term ‘energy’ is emerging more and more in everyday language, especially in the areas of personal development and spiritual openness. While this subtle dimension of reality is beginning to be made evident, it is still difficult to grasp. The reason is that very often the ignorance of the rules and laws which govern its circulation, its deployment and its fulfilment. Energy is information, and so it is ordered and structured according to a meaning and a universal harmony.

Welcoming energy is a first step, but it remains insufficient. In order to be able to fully enjoy it, other than by chance, it is essential to know, perceive and feel in oneself the laws according to which it acts and circulates.
The approaches to perceive and channel energy are diverse and varied. It is up to everyone, according to their sensitivity and their background, to choose the channel with which they will feel the most affinities.

In the West, astrology is one reading grid among others of energy and its flows. For example, the sequence formed by the twelve signs of the Zodiac constitutes a staging in image and symbol of the deployment of energy from its emergence until its return to the undifferentiated.

Therefore, Astrology offers a fine reading of energy in the sense that it sheds light on what is currently in play and in action. In other words, it makes it possible to give meaning to a situation which until then could seem incomprehensible and so paralyse us, because we lack the means to understand it. Thanks to this astrological reading, we can stop undergoing situations because these latter are part of a framework and a movement within which we will be able, enriched by this awareness, to recover our free will and capacity for action.

Astrology allows us to connect to our inner microcosm (individualization) in order to find our place and interact at the level of the macrocosm (others, couple, family, society, nature, the world). Its dimension is both individual and collective. The wellbeing of both goes hand in hand. Astrology reminds us that we are all made up of the same energy. Each of us has the energy of Mars, Venus, Aquarius, the 5th house, etc. in us. At this level, there is no distinction, no difference. We are all cut from the same beam. At this level, we are in unity… and it would be good sometimes to remember that and cultivate that feeling. What sets us apart from each other is how this energy is distributed, how it is articulated, its configuration.

Though a birth chart corresponds to the chart of the sky at the time of birth, there are no good or bad charts. At this level, it is necessary to get out of this very earthly form of duality and to conceive the configurations rather in terms of ease and challenge. Planetary aspects, arrangements or combinations carry a specific energy that will reason differently from one person to another. For one person, it will be relatively easy to assimilate, while for another, it will take more work. A sky chart is a manifestation of Nature, of the Intelligence of the Living. It is never good or bad but always absolutely right. Nature does not make mistakes. It just happens that in the eyes of men it sometimes offers situations that may seem out of the ordinary or unexpected.

It’s worth remembering that Nature pre-exists in mankind. It is not a human creation. On the contrary, Man is a manifestation, a production, a child of Nature. Man therefore only discovers things over which he has no control but, above all, which precede him. Earth’s gravity and fluid mechanics existed before humans (Newton and Bernouilli respectively) discovered their laws. Everything that Nature offers is also meaningful. Here again, Man prefers to speak of inconsistency or error, either to conceal his incomprehension or to avoid questioning it.