Personal Development: Good Vibrations


Personal Development: In chapter two of his series of reflections, Axel Trinh Cong, medium and therapist, traces the route towards genuine fulfilment.

It might be said that material success falls short of fulfulling our expectations, when it is not paired with a deep feeling of accomplishment and peace. On the other hand, one could counter this statement by saying that fulfillment cannot be found when our physical needs are not met, since we are undoubtedly made of flesh and bone. We can’t have one without the other. Incidentally, that is also the ethos of this very magazine, to which I owe, once again, my deepest gratitude for its courage in conveying this message.

Last month, we argued that there is no such thing as ‘chance’ – each one of us is a fully responsible creator behind everything that happens to us, inasmuch as it is our vibrational state, which we emit in visible and invisible ways, that determines the people we meet and the situations in which we ‘happen’ to find ourselves. In order to illustrate this point, let’s take a, shall we say, flowery example. If I vibrate salad, then I shouldn’t wonder why I’m attracting slugs. And if in spite of all my efforts to vibrate sunflower, I still attract slugs instead of the desired bees, then I must conclude that some part of me is in fact still vibrating salad.

Therefore – and without passing judgement on these equally marvellous plants – how do we go from salad to sunflower? Whereas our visible side is quite easy to grasp as well as modify, our invisible side (widely known in psychology as the subconscious) is by definition unattainable through the five senses. So how do we access and modify this part of the Self which plays such a crucial role in our lives and, by extension, our search for fulfilment?

But before we answer this question, we should probably elaborate on this notion of the ‘invisible side’ we all have within us. How might we define this energy that we project? What is it made of? Where does it come from? All information is energy, and all energy is information. To understand this, we might simply imagine a radio wave, which is a vibration, or an energy, and carries information through sound.

Now, let’s come back to us human beings: everything that we have experienced, good or bad, since the womb (and perhaps even before that) leaves an indelible mark on us, and forms our memory. But in addition to this personal memory, we must add the transpersonal or the transgenerational memories. This is sometimes called psychological genealogy and refers to the ways in which memories are passed down subconsciously through our parents, grandparents and general ancestors, perhaps over the course of ten generations. Together, these personal and transpersonal memories make up a stock of information, which determines the energy we project. Simple.