Personal Development: The Bully Virus


Personal Development: Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on a spiritual perspective of the bully.

In these rapidly changing times, we have all had time for serious, and less serious, reflection. We see that many questions about social contexts and values are being brought into the light and confronted head-on. We all know and have more or less accepted that there are people who are bullies that take ground by instilling fear. Now, we are up against that fear in the form of a virus.

As a child, do you remember in the sandbox when a small but terrible boy (sorry, they were often boys), the bully of the school, would hit someone during the breaks between classes? Do you recall how powerless you felt standing on the sidelines, fearing that the next time it could be you? I believe it is a mirror of how many people have been feeling in the past few months when someone around us is infected with the corona virus.

In the global terror of the virus, let us for a second name the virus ‘Bully’, just for reflection and for the fear it has generated. Let us do this to put a spotlight on some old beliefs, beliefs that are far too entrenched in our consciousness, such as the presence of a bully, a possible enemy everywhere and in everyone.

Isn’t then the corona crisis an opportunity to let go of this ancestral belief of a possible enemy everywhere. Because if we are all threatened at the same time by Bully, it proves that most people are innocent. It is proof that we are all just victims.

Imagine a sandbox, the sandbox of your school yard. What normally happens when a bully gains territory? Let us say there are one hundred kids in a sandbox. Yes, I know, it is a giant sandbox, but we also live in a big world. Use your imagination and your willingness to go along with the reflection. The Bully hits the chosen target as the rest of the kids are filled with terror and shrink into themselves, making themselves as invisible as possible, and quietly praying not to be singled out as the poor targeted boy just has been. This is how the world has been up till now; we contract and retreat in the face of danger for many reasons. We do this as it is a perfectly normal survival mechanism that goes as deep as our species’ survival.

It is a psychological mechanism that we accept as a part of our human consciousness. You could call this the ‘sandbox’ syndrome: when one gets attacked, the others retreat. Of course, the world is also full of heroes who move above this psychological conditioning and jump in to save the victim, like the health workers have done during the pandemic.

Consciousness can make you move above the mainstream conditioning and jump in and help as you know that we are all one and that all people could be you. The psychological mechanism in order to retreat to escape the Bully is actually a residue of the times when we needed to escape a hyena or a lion, when we were still functioning very much in survival mode. If one of your tribe or your community was attacked by a lion, it would be complete insanity not to defend your own life by retreating.

As more truth is revealed to us, there is an opportunity to profoundly change this belief of retreating. Because if we did not retreat in fear, and all the other kids in the sandbox turned and defended the boy being bullied, bullies would no longer have any territory in the sandbox.

The thing is that it is the system we live in that has kept us believing that retreating is the best answer to any threat. In many contexts, human nature is described by: “People are animals”. This actually makes no sense as animals, generally, are friendly, at least they all live in respect of nature, far from human destruction.

Back to the old beliefs about the hyena or the lion, and to contract and retreat, which are long gone from our daily lives. We have repeatedly been taught that all the other kids are potential threats to our survival. Media, movies, literature and corporate rules teach us constantly not to forget that there is a likely bully in everyone, and up till now the majority of us have gone along with this belief.

The thing is that in these times, the one Bully (the virus) is not only bullying one of us, but the whole of humanity is being bullied at the same time. We now have the opportunity to see that we are all vulnerable and that the people as vulnerable as you could not possibly be bullies since they are targeted too. This is an uplifting revelation during these changing times. If we are all targeted by the same ‘Bully’, let us understand that we are all in the same corner of the sandbox.

By extension, if there was no bully, no virus in the first place, we could move our beliefs about human nature to higher ground. We could open our eyes to see that there are not that many viruses and that most people are just victims.

So, when the entire global population is being threatened by the same virus, we have a golden opportunity to see that there was no bully in the other boys in the sandbox whom we were made to fear.

I would like to say that it was only our belief system and the one Bully that made us have such a tense view on humanity. For what happens when the Bully is no longer in the sandbox? Exactly, the other kids peacefully play and learn that human nature is kind, compassionate, and full of fun and play, and fear of each other evaporates. If the Bully wasn’t there, we would learn that there is a place for everybody in this world; the sandbox is big, and there is no need to give in to fear.

Since the beginning of this year, we have lived in, been fed with, and believed in a system is a bully that is out to get us all. Even if we can’t change things in a heartbeat, we can change our beliefs of each other; therein lays our true power. We can go to the very roots, and it is the right time for that now. Because of the threat with which we are all confronted with at the same time, we can start to see goodness all around us. We can begin to understand that we are all victims in a system that is not in favour of the evolution of humanity and not aligned with the respect of our health and nature.

Let us all find the beauty in our hearts, and the joy that is in living by reconnecting with a new belief, that the world is beautiful and so are you. Let us all get in touch with our authentic nature, the one we were before we were ‘programmed’ by the Bully, the system, the ignorant and the darkness.

Let us open our eyes and really look at what is going on. Let us take the concept of the Bully by the hand wherever it is found and deprogram our consciousness, deprogram the world around us. Let us stand up for the authentic, the healthy and the kind.

These are epic times. In an ideal world, we would understand that we are all in this Together.

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