Personal Development: The Cosmic You



When you really think about it, life seems to be a divine constellation. Can you touch the air between your fingers? Can you smell the stars in the sky? Can you jump off the globe and be received in the cosmic realm? Can you dig deep into the centre of the earth and feel the heat of the burning fire? Can you touch the soul of another?

I believe the most evident, yes, is to touch the soul of another or the heart for that matter. And where does this intuitive knowledge happen? Do you reach in and touch the heart of another? No, it is all happening in the nothingness of the timeless dimension of the soul. In the cosmic realm, in between all and nothing, in the eternal dimension of no matter.

It is when we welcome the reality of our energetic beings that we really meet each other – in truth, love, and beauty. It is where we communicate without words, and in between the words. It is also here that we can be touched by the requisite beauty of an extraordinary piece of art. Nothingness and timeless space, the no-time, is the field where we feel ecstasy and bliss. When we feel happy, we feel connected beyond the tangible, it is here that we find ourselves, as long as we refrain from dissecting and analysing.

This spring, as we are faced with more and more threats to our wholeness, let us fight gravity and connect with our cosmic selves. Let us unite in the truth that we are all part of the global consciousness. Let us first fight separation and fear-based energies inside ourselves, then go beyond ourselves so that we can help limit the threats to the climate and the threats to our health. The fear of others is removing us further and further away from our cosmic selves because we are tensing up in tangible matter.

Now, more than ever, can we only flourish if we transcend the limitations of what we have been taught. We would all help humanity by entering the evident reality of our
being and our ‘super beings’. We need to connect with the transcendental part of ourselves, the beauty of existence. We need to lose ourselves to nothingness, to become all the love that is available in the centre of me, and you, and the universe. To enhance our passion for life and our love for all that is living. It is only by aligning to the most beautiful part of ourselves that life really makes sense.

It is when we are in intricate osmosis with our soul that we know the full power of the wisdom of our heart. As we merge with the common heartbeat of humanity. As one breathes and one loves. As unified cosmic beings in a dual reality, it is hard to stay in tune with the dimension we came from. But it is the only reason for being here because we are here to love and to be loved.

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