Personal development: The law of the jungle


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT If we can trust all these people, if we all have the same experience after death, doesn’t that mean that we all belong to the same conditioning? We are all floating on a small planet in an infinite universe. Mother Earth is a living breathing organism that makes us have life on earth. Life is a mystery, and to solve this mystery we have created an infinite number of Gods and Goddesses, while the mystery is not to be answered – it is to be lived. If we knew everything, how interesting would life be then? I find it fascinating that even a word, however beautiful, is a description of something that is beyond description.

To understand that we are all connected, we just need to see that the air that goes into your lungs also goes into mine – the air belongs to us all.

With my deep inner conviction that we all belong to each other I have been saddened lately by people around me looking at the chaos of the world and saying: “This is just how things are, people are animals.”

If you really think about it, are animals causing the chaos in the world? Surely, animals live in harmony with nature. Of course, I see what people mean by this phrase. They mean that our animal instinct or primal selves are programmed to cheat, corrupt, compete and win on any terms with no consideration of the long-term consequences. But is this true?

No, it isn’t. The good news is that our primal instincts are to support and help each other in a crisis. The primal instincts of nature are to sustain life, and in difficulties, nature is persisting by mutual benefit. The truth is that the more difficult the living conditions are, the more mutually supportive nature become of each other. Survival is enhanced by helping and supporting each other; when there are natural disasters, people forget about themselves to help each other. That is our true nature, that is our primal instinct, to jump in and save each other.

If you would like to add more joy to your life, find someone to help and the sun will immediately shine brighter. Can’t we all relate to that? You feel a bit low, and unexpectedly somebody needs you and then your spirits change in a heartbeat. Suddenly, you feel good because your existence mattered to somebody else. Our emotional and psychological wellbeing is increased by mutual benefit, and in the end, it outruns competition and separation. How much fun is it to be alone on the podium and have nobody to celebrate your victory with?

How much fun is it to win in a society that loses? What about being the only one standing when everybody else has fallen? How nice is it to be a winner when you can’t breathe and there is no water left? How powerful is that?

After all, the key to a happy life is not to struggle and compete on your own, certainly not to win when everybody else is losing. The essence of who we are is love, and to experience love we need each other. 

To exist, to be human, let us be of help to one another this winter. Let us all reverse the trend of the law of the jungle and embrace the natural law of altruism. So that we can see, touch and feel the essence. The essence of that we only truly exist in the reflection of each other. And that we exist more fully when we are helping one another.  

Let us stay Together.

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Katarina Winslow Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Writer