Personal development: The law of the jungle


In her latest personal development article Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on our true nature.

To be inquisitive is part of who I am, and curiosity has brought me answers to many questions over the years. The answers have come through my own experience, through other people and through messages from my guides, my angels, the ones who care for us all from the other side of life.

Approaching middle age, I admit there has been quite some time for serious reflection. As a teenager, I investigated the selfish gene theory, the idea that everything in nature is based on the survival of the gene. Then I did a deep dive into my own psyche and its hidden corners. Doing time travel to other realms and seeing visions from out of space about the future of humanity, I saw people waking up all over the planet. There were beautiful trees everywhere, and as each tree cracked open there was a person walking out of it. It was a beautiful vision and it happened everywhere.

For me, the message was clear, everybody who has authentic wisdom will start speaking up, and we will wake up to the truth of our nature, a nature of compassion and care for everything that is living. Part of my mission in life is to help people find more happiness by guiding them to listen to their essence. To listen to the one part of them that is hard to hear when there is too much noise on the outside. The one part that it is difficult to hear when there are blockages built around the heart and the essential self – when what the heart desires is not heard. The heart holds more truth than we can ever imagine. It is the essence of our existence, it just keeps beating to keep us alive. The question is how alive do we want to be? Is it enough to just keep our hearts physically beating, or do we want our lives to have more meaning?

The pulse of life is constant for as long as you live. It is then we can ask ourselves more questions that give us answers to an inspired life. A life close to your heart, a life full of inspiration.

Before long, when it is closing time and your heart stops, it will be too late to ask questions about how to live. People who have been dead and brought back to life claim that their questions have been answered, even if they never asked. The stories that they all tell are the closest we have to a glimpse of the afterlife, and from these accounts it seems we are all made the same. Some people have been dead for as long as twenty-five minutes before being brought back to life. This has been documented by Raymond Moody, the ‘father’ of the modern NDE (Near Death Experience). His pioneering work Life After Life has been said to transform the world. But how many have heard about this book and his research?

They say that there will be a picture flashing in front of your eyes and you will see your entire life in one single image. All your life experience will be shown to you in one picture. Amazing, right? To see an entire life in one image is beyond human comprehension; it is an expansion into a limitless realm. When you see your life flashing by, you will understand how people were touched by your presence.