Personal Development: The Light Within


It is when you illuminate your own experience and understand more, that you can let go of patterns, feelings and thoughts that are not serving your highest self and your purest form. Then to forgive becomes a guiding star, not because what others did was acceptable but because you want to love yourself more. In the end, forgiveness is all about how much you are willing to love yourself. To be able to leave all the psychological pain that you have accumulated on your life’s journey is to leave the shadows behind and to step into the light.

To make it a bit more figurative, you could imagine your wounds as dark spots, shadows in your energy field, your aura. When the dark spots are illuminated, they do not exist anymore, and you no longer feel the pain of the past. It is not enough to gain insight on your own experience and to forgive; there are more challenges to being human. The next greatest challenge is to feel whole in a world of duality. To be able to keep your peace in a world of separation is not easy, but part of the human condition.

Life on earth is an existence made of duality: day and night, hot and cold, darkness and light, and fear and love. To choose the light, you need first to understand the light. The light is pure consciousness, and pure consciousness is wholeness, unity, and love. It is to have illuminated everything in yourself that kept the light from your consciousness, and then to stay connected with the consciousness of wholeness.

There are two ways that we keep ourselves from being whole, from feeling united inside, from being pure light and pure love. The keyword for all human suffering is separation. We separate ourselves from being whole inside by living outside of ourselves, seeking approval and recognition from others. Of course, we all need other people, but there is a difference between appreciating approval and recognition, and to constantly be seeking it. You can imagine that you separate yourself from yourself because there is one part inside of you and the other part is floating around outside of you seeking to feel whole by others. When you really think about it, of course, you cannot, however much you try, feel whole if there is one part inside of you and another part outside of you seeking. You are fragmented and separated in space.

The other way we fragment ourselves is in time. When you are not one with your whole being in the present moment, one part of you is divided into yesterday and maybe another into tomorrow. How can you feel whole when you are not there? It is an impossible equation, and still, we keep regretting our past so that we can live better tomorrow. Or fearing the future in the hope of being happier today. 

While all this is happening, we have failed to live the moment, believing that there is a future moment that will be just perfect for us to start living. To be enlightened is to know that now is all there is, and to be there fully and present to see the light, in gratitude of life.

How pure can we become? How free can we be of our limiting beliefs? How much light and love can we contain? Let us all be right here and shine brightly to illuminate our own experience and the experience of everybody’s life we touch.Together.

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