Philippe Geluck’s Le Chat is also now Le Cat


Regular readers of Together magazine will be very familiar with the cartoons that grace our final page.

One year ago Philippe Geluck’s cartoon character “Le Chat” finally left his home of 30 years – Francoland, that magic territory made up of Belgium, France and the rest of the French-speaking world – to go forth into Angloland and pass on his wit, wisdom and humour to the rest of the planet. Because until then he was a monolingual French-speaker, albeit a massively successful one, selling 12 million copies of his 19 albums and making him the French-speaking world’s most popular cartoon character.

But Philippe Geluck was convinced that his feline creation was at heart a universal character and could appeal to readers everywhere. Deceptively simple and deadpan, intelligent and stupid, Le Cat reveals life’s underlying surrealism and absurdity with magnificently understated humour – from silly puns, nonsequiturs and sight gags to sublime reflections on time, space, man and the universe. And he is universally very funny.

Geluck’s decision to Go Global just one year ago has resulted in the publication of three albums in English: “Le Cat”, “Le Cat Strikes Back”, and “The Bible according to the Cat”.

All are now available on and … and make the perfect mirthful gift for anyone looking for humour – as well as true love, world peace, great wealth, and the answer to the meaning of life – at this festive time of year.

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