PREGO! No, you’re welcome


Lovers of Italian food, will love ‘PREGO!’ Recently opened, it is the perfect solution for those who don’t always have the time, or inclination, to go to a restaurant to enjoy la dolce vita. Prego’s menu offers a superb range of pasta dishes, six different raviolis and several lasagnes. There are also pinsa, salads and desserts, so there’s really something for everyone.

Pizza may lend itself to delivery, but pasta is a more delicate affair altogether. Let’s be brutally honest, quite a lot of pasta in Belgium is disappointing. When you add home delivery, it is guaranteed to be too dry, overcooked, barely warm and generally a very off-putting second-rate version of what it should be. So how do you overcome this?

The creators of PREGO! have found a way to reconcile the lovers of Italian pasta with a take away solution that works. PREGO! do most of the work, preparing fresh dough, sauces, garnishes in a kit that is idiot proof and only requires a short cooking time. 

Some things are sacred, in Italy one of them is the pasta di Nonna (granny’s pasta). PREGO! has its own pastifico (pasta workshop) where it uses semolina from Parma. Fresh pasta has a lower glycemic index than dry dough, so it’s also better for you. Worried about your gluten-intolerant friends missing out? Worry not, PREGO! are even working on a recipe for fresh gluten-free dough which should be available by September.

When you want to put Italian cooking to the test, invite an Italian for dinner. My friend was not disappointed. We shared a pinsa, which has a particularly light and airy base, then the Tortelli con Funghi alla Tartufata, which was met with rapturous appreciation and also a rigatoni ti PREGO.

Currently, there is one takeaway kitchen in Stockel (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre), but there are plans to open several others. They deliver, but you can also collect and also take the opportunity to take home some cheeses, salamis and olive oils from Italy. They also provide aperitif plates of Italian cheeses and charcuterie.