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Property: Our real estate expert Yannick Callens advises us to rest for long-term investment.

Money has never been so cheap and access to property so difficult. Recently, there has been another wave of rate cuts; a Belgian bank offered a negotiated fixed-rate of 0.92% for a 20- year mortgage in September to one of its customers. This is a historic low, below the symbolic threshold of 1%. Money has never been so cheap to finance property.

Nevertheless, access to credit is becoming more difficult. Europe sanctions Belgium for its flexibility to give mortgage credit, and the National Bank is tightening its criteria for granting credit. Belgians have never invested so much in real estate, and household debt is exploding. More and more, I’m talking about a speculative bubble of Belgian real estate price per m2, which remains low compared to other European capitals.

To give you an idea, the m2 price in Hong Kong is $80,000, and apartments are selling. Belgium has not reached these amounts, but, since summer, we have seen prices soar. The Belgian saver and investor does not have much choice because there are few alternatives, and I see that more and more people are becoming nervous.

As I often say, there is money but the time aspect is also very important. Do not waste your time burning your wings in the short term, take the time to rest for long-term investment. There is a huge difference to saving in the long run, and therefore losing money because of inflation, and investing in the long run to create alternative sources of income.

In real estate, I recommend three points to which you must pay attention. The first is education. Always stay abreast of what’s going on and know your market like a pro, be expert in the field in which you want to invest. Read and collect as much information as you can and talk to people.

The second point is time. Be a master of your own time and regain control over your time. This will give you a helicopter view of your situation and the direction of your investments. Highest is best. Time is relative, and it is you who decides whether it passes quickly or slowly by the position you are in.

The last point, which is very important, is your advisors. Surround yourself with your best advisors. Do not be afraid to change while there is still time. And don’t wait for the storm before cleaning up. Surround yourself with people who want to pull you up.

If you master your knowledge, you control your time and you are well taken care of… You have all the cards in your hand to control your real estate investment. Whether you live there or rent it, it’s an investment!

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