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A first step towards taxing actual rents

By requiring “professional” tenants to provide the tax man with information on their landlord, the government is taking a first step towards a tightened...

Real Estate: Market Ups and Downs

Real Estate: Yannick Callens gives sound advice as to when to make your move. The world is not going well in 2020. It is increasingly...

Property: What Goes Up…

Property: Our real estate expert Yannick Callens gives us the latest property news I am often asked if prices will go up or down in the months and...

Real Estate: Which Side Do You Want To Be On?

Real Estate: Yannick Callens wonders when a global threat becomes a property opportunity. Should we invest locally or internationally in real estate? Have you ever...

Real Estate: Perseverance Is Key

Our property expert Yannick Callen says: Finish it!   Preparing and making a 99% real estate purchase is not a deal. In real estate, as with...

Money: Negative Interest on its Way?

Dave Deruytter asks: Are negative interest rates coming to a place near you?   And he wonders if that is good news for borrowers and investors...

Property: Duality in Real Estate

Property: Our real estate expert Yannick Callens advises us to rest for long-term investment. Money has never been so cheap and access to property so...

Real Estate: The Human Needs of Property Investment

Yannick Callens deals with media prattle and the link between human needs and real estate. In recent weeks, I have heard again and again this...

Property: Make Mistakes in Real Estate

Property: Yannick Callens says that the power of repetition is the key to your mistakes. I hope your holiday went well and that you have...

Money: Through the Maze of the World’s Markets

Money: Dave Deruytter leads you through the maze of the world’s financial markets. Slow economic growth and high earnings are keeping the financial markets in...
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