Property: What Goes Up…


If you don’t need to sell, I advise you to wait, because there is the famous ’emotional’ moment. In other words, human beings tend to exaggerate at the beginning of anything – I could compare this to the panic buying of toilet paper that we saw at the start of lockdown. So, to put things in perspective, refocus and take the time to make the right decisions.

We will always need a roof. The real estate market has always existed and will continue to exist. As I often say: “Everything is temporary except real estate.” It is a basic need!

What I recommend is to look at the markets abroad. I invite you to compare, for example, developments in real estate in Spain and in Belgium, you will see the differences in price developments.

In summary, for the coming months and the next two years, prices will remain constant. Goods will keep their value and even perhaps increase in value,
unlike goods that have already been on the market for a while. These will lose attractiveness but may represent the best opportunities on the market.

My advice: The real estate market is made up of several sub-markets. Before making a decision, whether for buying or selling, analyze supply and demand, as this is the basis for prices and the best way to investigate the consequences of their evolution.

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