Pukkelpop Records Tragic Deaths


The lead singer of the British trio Ou Est Le Swimming Pool is reported to have climbed to the top of telephone mast at the festival site and then jumped.

Twenty-two year old Charles Haddon later died of his injuries on Friday (August 21). It was later understood that he had become upset after divebombing into the crowd during the group’s act and injuring a fan.

A day earlier Michael Been, who fronted the US rock group The Call apparently died of a heart attack.  He had been working with his son’s ban Black Rebel Motorcycle as a soundman.

This years festival featured headline performances amongst others from veteran heavy metallers Iron Maiden indie rockers Queens of the Stone AgeFlaming Lips, Placebo (pictured above) and techno outfit Prodigy

Ou Est Le Swimming are reported to be now considering whether to release an upcoming EP.