Rioting in Brussels as Kurds Arrested


Fighting is reported to broken out broke out on a second day of demonstrations in the Belgian capital, which is also the headquarters of many of the European Union institutions.

In one incident Kurdish youths are alleged to have smashed a Turkish kebab shop front with baseball bats. However, the city police reported no major incidents that could have endangered public order.

Reports suggest that up to 20 people were detained last week after hundreds of police officers swooped on homes throughout Belgium following a three-year investigation into the activities of Belgian residents accused of having links to the PKK. The organisation is listed as a terrorist group by both the US and the EU. The PKK have demanded for several decades that an independent Kurdish state is set up in a terroritory that lies in southern Turkey and northern Iraq and Iran.

As part of the investigation the headquarters of ROJ, a European Kurdish TV station, were raided by Belgian police looking for links to the proscribed political group.

The Belgian authorities have claimed that suspects have falsified documents including passports and provided funds to help recruit members.