Sarbani Sen: A path to self discipline and meaningful living

Sarbani Sen ©Ramanitasoularts

Sarbani Sen makes a compelling case for the restorative and regenerative powers of Kundalini Yoga. Never heard of it? Read on. 

My journey of discovery into self discipline and meaningful living started with Kundalini Yoga. I joined a practice group (a Sangha, a spiritual community) in Morocco back in 2019. Growing up with an Indian father, I had been very disciplined during childhood, but had left my Hindu rituals along the way in a process of questioning their legitimacy. One week of movement, breath work and chanting brought me back home. When I found out this was part of a school of consciousness called Kundalini Yoga, I decided to dive into a 40 day practice online and eventually even went to study what had made me feel so good. This aquarian method helped me in so many ways that I designed a self-transformation programme based on my coaching skills and Kundalini Yoga. With this programme, I walk people towards self reliance, the place within where they can fully feel secure. 

“I walk people towards self reliance, the place within where they can fully feel secure”

Kundalini Yoga as a tool of transpersonal psychology

Kundalini fosters the study of mind-body relations, spirituality, consciousness and human transformation, Kundalini Yoga can be considered as a branch or a tool of transpersonal psychology. It encourages people to see their inner capabilities, their inter-connection to the community and to the wider world. The goal is to reach a state of alignment with your personal truth. Hence “Sat Nam” the fundamental mantra : I am my truth, that encourages us to long for simplicity, humility, peace and compassion; rather than success, wealth or power – as glorified in our modern society. 

“The goal is to reach a state of alignment with your personal truth”

The practice addresses several issues at once: 

  1. Personal issues, such as: co-dependency, anger management, sex and any other addictions, toxic tendencies towards one’s self and others. Bubbles from the unconscious world rise to the conscious. This is how I started to work on all these topics and issues that had been jammed in my vortex for so many years. I could virtually see who I had been for the last ten years and not only my good sides!

2) Specific health issues: In Kundalini you find Kryas, a set of specific exercises, for the most common physical issues. The Kryas cover a wide range of physical and even psychological issues: Digestive, coronary, musculoskeletal, depression, sexual, circulatory and respiratory problems.

3) Spiritual healing: Our longing to reconnect to the divine, to the soul, the spirit world, the more subtle, delicate realms of life, that we may experience in childhood sometimes. As a child, I always had an altar in my room and always chanted mantras.

4) Our need to use our full potential: I knew we were using only 2% of our brains, but I did not know we were also using only 2% of our bodies. This method actually showed me how to unlock all the doors. I had found a bundle of keys! Today at age 50, I feel more fit than in my 30’s, I have more stamina, more control over my energy,  more toned muscles and greater core strength.

“I knew we were using only 2% of our brains, but I did not know we were also using only 2% of our bodies”

5) Being the super human we always felt we could be: Being a hyper mind, a pitta-vata mix, I constantly multi-task and my mind drifts away very easily. With Kundalini, I started to develop the ability to meditate every day, enjoying more poise and centredness than ever. At 50 I feel on top of my game.  

How to build healthy routines? 

We know that in order to expect a change, we need to change something in our day to day. You have to design a routine to create the new you and then stick to it, because change doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes time, consistency, dedication, faith and a passion for yourself and your personal growth. The most difficult part is discipline, sticking to your routine every day. 

On my website, you’ll see that I offer programmes where we dive into 21 days or 40 days of a daily routine made of a Krya, with specific breath work, usually a short relaxation, that is really a moment of integration and a mantra – a spiritually directed energy beamer with a goal. These online groups helped many people to step away from addictions and get hooked to a new healthy routine. I also offer spiritual mentorship programmes that are six-week and twelve-week coaching programs with tailored practices and homework. In these programmes we redefine your goals in line with who you are today and where you want to be. The routine is designed around this purpose and can be done online.   

5 steps to design your own routine 

1) Choose a SMART goal – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timebound – regarding body, mind and soul. Make sure to identify a WHY. Write it down in a journal. Sometimes I mindmap or do a vision board about it – see my articles on how to do a vision board or a mindmap on blog. 

2) Start with a 21-31 min routine. Choose whatever you want. I usually pick a pranayama, Kundalini kriya and a mantra, but it can also be a fitness workout or a dance workout. You can find some workouts on my YouTube channel, Savitri Life Academy. 

3) Store healthy food: Make sure to get some organic groceries, seasonal recipes, before you start. Combine your workout with healthy living. 

4) Choose a convenient time and length for your workout and stick to it. I usually workout first thing in the morning. In Kundalini we usually do 6-11-21 or 40-day programmes. 

5) Combine your challenge with a new moon. Those are the best days to start something new on a specific theme. Get your free 2023 Forecast and moon calendar on 

6) Find a practice buddy: If you decide to start on your own, try to find a practice buddy, or someone who has your back. It will greatly encourage you to show up to your practice in the beginning. That is the power of the Sangha (community) in Kundalini. Even if it’s on Zoom, the fact that the group is waiting for you has an impact on your motivation.  

These simple steps – and really committing to myself – got me to this new version of me that I love. There is not one day that I don’t practice and when I don’t thank the Kundalini family for keeping this method alive.

Whenever you feel you are at a threshold and need that extra push to get to the next level, contact me and we’ll get you there. See you on the other side.

Photographers credit : @ramanitasoularts