Self help: A happy life in the age of urgency


SELF HELP Be confident in your future, also in yourself. If you are determined that you will learn from failure, you are in a strong position. Shy away from people or organizations that punish failure. Anyhow eventually they will fail, at least when compared to their peers who embrace it as a fast learning tool. Keep on moving is key. Keep on doing, learning, innovating, changing, living a happy life. The latter is easier than before, because in our digital world you can work anytime and from anywhere.

You can work from 7 to 11am, go to the beach from 11am to 4 pm, and work again from 4 to 8 pm, before enjoying the evening. That is 8 hours of work per day too. You can do your 40 hours per week also in 4 times 10 hours if you prefer, or even 3 times 12 hours plus 4 hours extra during the other days of the week. You can also do 7 times 5 hours per day plus 5 hours extra during the weekend. The project approach in many businesses today can also lead to you working 60 hours per week for 3 months followed by a 1,5-month break. After which, it all starts over again.

Labour flexibility is ever more possible today, even in industry. Self-discipline is of course key, particularly when you are self-employed. Then you do not have an income when you do not work. There are more and more self-employed people in today’s labour market.

In conclusion, embrace change, go with the flow. Anyway, the flow is so huge that going against it is not an option, since you would be swept away by it. Still, do not lose yourself in all that speed, or in the 24/7 availability of almost every service today. Such things are achieved by teams, in which everybody does his or her part, not by one person. Take your pauses, your rest and holidays and dare to even disconnect completely now and then. People will value you for it. We humans need to sleep eight hours per day – enjoy life, to renew your energy and focus, to keep on going strong and lead a happy life, even in the age of urgency.

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