Self-help: The decision-making survival kit


And as you start questioning it, you might observe that staff members at the hotel are totally stressed out because their boss is worried about finances and he’s a very controlling person. That is why a bad energy is hanging on the place you decided to spend the next week! So what do you do in that case? Well quite simple actually. Try: “BACK to sender with consciousness attached.” Now feel the shift. Is it lighter? Do you still have short breathing and a weight on your shoulder and you don’t know where it came from? If you think it is yours, then you can ask: “What shall I do with it?” or “what energy space and consciousness can be here so I can spend a beautiful evening with my family?”

Remember, if it feels lighter after you have sent it all home, it’s not yours. If it still feels heavy, you may need to ask a few more questions. Sometimes when we accept a thought, feeling or emotion as our own when it isn’t ours, it doesn’t return to sender. So we have to ‘uncreate’ and destroy everything we did to accept the thought, feeling or emotion as ours. Acknowledging just how aware you really are creates greater ease and possibility for you, but it doesn’t mean you have to do anything with what you are aware of. Just acknowledge YOU and your knowing!

And suddenly energy shifts! If the desire for fun and more excitement and joy is great and sincere, things shift. And suddenly EASE And JOY becomes real – it becomes you, and everything around goes back to the default position of our life.