Self-help: The decision-making survival kit


Sarbani Sen offers up a self-help survival guide to help you make the right choices in life.

Ever had to struggle with choices and find that extra creativity to handle unpredictable situations? Here are some easy and effective tools from the Access Consciousness tool kit.

Imagine you just booked a family holiday in a famous beach resort and the very first morning when you decided to go surf, all of a sudden storm comes and heavy rain washes your plans away. As a result you end up stuck at your very sweet, yet chilly guest house with two adolescent kids and a seven year old one!

If you are lucky enough not to have the kids with you, then you’ll have time to do whatever you had brought with you ‘just in case’. But if you’re not alone, then it’s the beginning of a marathon of fulfilling activities you had not planned at all – since you initially came here hoping to go surfing. Welcome to your holidays. J

Tool number 1: What else is possible here?
It sounds silly, but try. Take a deep breath and just repeat the magic phrase in your head “What else is possible here?” and experience the almost instant magic. It feels like a little angel with a bow arrives above your head and shoots out an arrow that says: ”Hey, why don’t you try this for a change?”. For me it said: “Why don’t you go for a walk in the rain?” What? Are you crazy? There is a storm out there. And yet, there you are, in the midst of a wind and rain storm wearing your new warm earphones, great music and a warm outfit, and you suddenly see yourself walking in the rain without really understanding why on earth you should go out in this weather.

While you’re still wondering how inappropriate this is, you end up dancing your head off, feeling so much joy and enjoying the communion with the elements, the rain in your face and the music in your ears – enjoying the simplicity of it all.  And it all feels like PURE BLISS. Then you start wondering: “How come I postpone these beautiful moments with myself? How stupid I am I not doing what makes me happy even if it has no logical reason? What more do we want? Communion with music and nature puts us in a trance: it fills our heart, our molecules and our whole body enjoys those moments and fills us with ease and space. Soothing.

Then after an hour of serious dancing and working out in the rainy countryside, you come back and feel so good. That’s when the kids jump on you shouting: “What’s next, Mom?  Can we go out now? What are we doing today? Let’s go to the pool, please please please, Mom, please!”