Self-help: The decision-making survival kit


Tool number 2: “Does it feel light or heavy”?
Go to the pool? Wait a minute: how do I feel about this? Is it light or heavy? When you feel it’s light, your body is happy and little bubbles of joy start spreading inside you. If that’s how your body feels, then you can GO GO GO! Whatever happens, at the worst you’ll spend 3-4 quality hours with your kids and feel so proud and satisfied, at the best you’ll even have a good time. Happy children happy mama and happy papa. When it’s light, beautiful things flow. On the contrary, when it’s heavy, our body seems to be stuck. Your breath becomes heavy and your feel like it drags your energy. It’s quite easy to identify. After taking care of the kids you might even extend the fun and allow yourself an extra two hours on your own to watch an episode of your favorite series, read a book or chat with a friend. Just for fun and just for yourself!

self-helpTool number 3: Where do I have to put my energy now?”
Once dinner is over, and kids start to feel sleepy, the thirds tool becomes useful, since I still want to do something with my day, and I have some energy left.  Don’t be surprised if you come up with crazy ideas such as: “What would it take for me to start a new business that will be damn fun? How can I increase my income and make crazy money from tonight on? Or how can I change the energy at work and make it happen for my career? What more fun can we have with my kids and husband?” So many questions you can ask to change the energy and expand it, fill the inside with joy and feel even more space inside.

Tool number 4: “What would an eternal being do?”
This is a funny one. Try asking yourself this question as if you were immortal and nothing really mattered. See how energy shifts around the issue, how your decisions become lighter and less affected by circumstances, habits or what other people might say.

Tool number 5:” Who does this belong to?”
This is one of my favorites. Imagine you’re in your holiday hotel, with the storm beating outside, and suddenly a bad mood starts to take over the happy family trip and all the people around. Well try asking yourself: “Who does it belong to?” If you ask yourself this crazy question, you might find out that some of what you feel does not belong to you – it might be pollution from your environment.