Self-Help: Mother Earth – Our Ultimate Caregiver


Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on our relationship with Mother Earth, our ultimate caregiver.

Who is your ultimate caregiver? Who feeds you and ensures that you have everything you need to stay alive? Who is it that even makes life possible? Some people may say it is my loved ones; others may give credit to their ambition and work; others may say it is the power they hold, while the more esoteric may give credit to the stars, the moon and the constellations of our cosmos.

Looking closer at the reality of life, going beyond our first impressions and our top-of-mind agendas, we find that the one answer is the same for all of us. While being part of humanity and being a living, breathing human being on planet earth, it is she – Mother Earth – that is our ultimate caregiver. However detached you are from nature, you can’t deny that you need the air that the Earth is creating to stay alive.

Mother Earth is working day and night to make the oxygen in the sky remain at a certain level, so that we may fill our lungs for yet another day of being alive. Neither can we deny that all that nourishes our bodies stems from nature. If we zoom in, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the Earth that is our ‘original’ larder. So, Mother Earth is not only providing the air, she is also providing the nutrients that make life on this planet possible. Whether you are a carnivore, a vegetarian, or a vegan, what you feed yourself is provided by the one entity that has what it takes to sustain life – Mother Earth. She provides the grass for the cows, she sustains the oceans for the lobster and the cod, she receives the sun for the crops, and she makes the wind blow to fertilize it all in the endless cycles of nature.

The question is, what do we give back for this selfless act of love? What do we return to our ultimate source of life? Mother Earth is not only giving us the possibility to experience life; she is also the source of all that we need to stay alive yet another day. Going even further, she not only offers the opportunity for us to have life, she is also our most powerful agent for rejuvenation and bliss. If you feel low, take a walk in the forest or by the seaside, and you will see that you are not alone. You will feel held by her soothing presence, and you will feel the connection to her presence and love. Love is what she is; she is pure unconditional love; she gives everything and expects nothing.

With all this love below our feet, how come humanity has evolved to a state of complete slumber to her love? How come people, who want to defend her rights to be respected, are scorned and ridiculed – even hated and threatened – while the destruction of our basis
for life continues unabated? To ignore the fact that without Mother Earth you are nothing is completely absurd. What will you breathe when the air is polluted? What will you feed yourself when the oceans are wasted? Where will you wash yourself when the water is gone? What will you eat when the crops are dead? Where will you live when you have destroyed all the love that was below your feet?